5 Storage Problems Louisiana Custom Closets Can Redesign

April 22nd, 2015

Homeowners often wonder how to get a handle on home organization, while creating a neat look with additional storage in mind. This can be an overwhelming process especially for Southern Louisianans who often work away from the house every day yet want to come home to a neatly organized house. If there is a storage plan, we can put it into action. Our design team at Louisiana Custom Closets is just one of the reasons to call us for all of these important projects.

It makes sense to assess storage every new season. It seems the longer people live in their homes, the more cluttered every room gets over time. Purchasing items and finding a place for them somewhere in the house is never easy. There is always a time when we look around our rooms and closets and wish we could figure out a way to make them look neater. We may even envision a new look with attractive cabinets, shelving, art deco storage bins, and closets.  Beginning custom projects and making them happen are as simple as placing a call to Louisiana Custom Closets.

The solutions for adding space to any home, condo, or business can indeed come to fruition because of our team at Louisiana Custom Closets. We will work with owners to design a new and attractive layout with more storing space. Just call us and our professionals visit right in the home to make the needed recommendations.

Imagine these five home storage problem areas that Louisiana Custom Closets can design and implement:

  • The Playroom:  With new wall units, shelving, cabinets, and drawers, this room can turn into a very organized toy room with a special place for each toy.
  • The Laundry Room: Organizing a laundry room to make it more functional will enhance the look and increase efficiency.
  • The Pantry:  Wire shelving adds dust-free space and will help keep food items organized better.
  • The Study:  Give your office a more comfy feel with wooden cabinets and bookshelves while putting all that clutter into drawers or cabinets.
  • Closets: Any sized closet can have instant eye appeal by organizing it to be neat and efficient at finding clothing items.

Whatever your storage dreams are for the home or business, Louisiana Custom Closets has the experience and knowledge to recreate an efficient and appealing look. Call us today at one of their offices listed below to set up an appointment.

4 Playroom Storage Solutions from Louisiana Custom Closets

April 8th, 2015

One room in the house that gets a lot of attention, action and activity is always the kids’ playroom. Often called the multi-purpose room, it usually has the clutter and overabundance of toys, games, educational items, dolls and Legos that are stored, or worse; piled up out in the open. Louisiana Custom Closets can help get the most popular room in the house organized and looking neat and attractive when unexpected visitors stop by or the kids hang out and play.

After all the holidays, sleepovers and birthdays, the children’s playroom usually looks like an array of post activity and misadventure. As grandparents, moms, and dads purchase lots of toys for the children’s enjoyment, the house usually looks like Santa’s workshop on any given day. All of this can be easily remedied by a visit from the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets who can visualize numerous ideas for toy storage solutions.

Imagine these four ideas in the playroom that can help alleviate storage issues and help create more useful spaces:

  • Those odd bump outs in the room and the corners can easily turn into more storage space with built-in shelving. Books, stuffed toys, small items, and collectibles will find the perfect home with this type of storage opportunity.
  • A free-standing bench with pull-out drawers or cabinets will pass nicely for a seat under any window. The pull-out drawers and cabinets will keep games and other toys stored out of sight. Add thick cushions to the top of the window seat and children now have a favorite quiet spot to read a book or relax.
  • By adding an island in the room, children can have ample desk space to color, paint, or do a puzzle. The island can have drawers or cabinets underneath to create more storage space for all those fun gifts and games.
  • Corner cubbies add a touch of elegance to a multi-purpose toy room. These free standing cubbies can be painted white or a bright color to hold wicker baskets filled with play items.

Our playroom solutions and more are offered by Louisiana Custom Closets. We serve Southern Louisiana and Mississippi as well. Just call any one of our three convenient locations listed below and an experienced custom designer will come directly to the house for a free in-home consultation.

Remember, Louisiana Custom Closets and storage solutions go hand-in-hand.

Louisiana Attics are Ideal Locations for Home Storage

March 25th, 2015

Most homeowners in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi need more storage space than ever, and that space can often be found in the upper floors with lofts and attics. Once these areas are properly insulated and ventilated, custom shelving and storage units from Louisiana Custom Closets will make that space usable and beneficial.

Most people don’t consider the possibilities of attic storage because these areas are usually not properly insulated and ventilated. Unfinished attics are often too warm in the summer season, and many items stored there can be at risk of getting damaged by temperatures. Once an attic is properly redone and maintained, an abundance of available space opens up to give plenty of extra room for seasonal items, clothing, furniture, and much more.

Attics and loft spaces can offer an array of unique options for storage space due to dormers, rafters, and  angled interior walls. Louisiana Custom Closets can turn the area into a large walk-in closet area where items are easily found and readily available. If there’s a window in the attic, homeowners may also enjoy the area as a private retreat to read a book or catch a quiet nap.

Customizing attics and lofts by Louisiana Custom Closets will offer these added features:

  • Wardrobe bags are an easy add-on solution and they can be placed from the collar beam that runs perpendicular to the rafters; special wardrobe items such as suits, special occasion dresses, and other special clothing can be stored in these bags.
  • Hanging shelves can be an excellent addition as well and they can suspended from the rafters for smaller item storage such as knick-knacks, books, and small lamps.
  • Storage alleys which run along the interior walls beneath the dormer make great space for shelves. This area has angled ceilings with little headroom so boxes of various sizes can be stored here. It makes a great space for shoes and even paperwork.

Transforming your attic space into more usable space can be both practical and convenient. Homeowners can always access their attics without going outdoors during inclement weather, and items can be easily hidden out of site leaving tidy and neat living areas.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers a free in-home consultation for homeowners by calling one of the phone numbers listed below. Now is the time to begin the attic and loft change to take advantage of these underutilized areas. Every space counts!

3 Shoe Storage Solutions from Louisiana Custom Closets

March 4th, 2015

Everyone loves shoes. In fact, most people have quite a collection. Now, we have a question for our shoe friends across Southern Louisiana. Are shoes cluttering up the closet floor? Often, as one of the most common items in a bedroom closet, shoes wind up in a spilled pile on the closet floor. A shoe organizer from Louisiana Custom Closets will help make your shoes and closet more organized and accessible.

Did you know that the average woman owns 17 pairs of shoes? Of those 17 pairs of shoes, approximately three pairs are worn on a regular basis. Women tend to purchase shoes that match an outfit or two. There is often a lot of thought into buying a nice pair of shoes. It is important to put some additional thought into closet organization and getting those pairs of shoes off the floor, increasing closet space and making the closet attractive and more functional. Louisiana Custom Closets has been making shoes and other clothing items more accessible for years complete with modern functionality and organization.

Louisiana Custom Closets has several storage options to choose from, and it is all about choice; imagine one of these three popular shoe organizers in the bedroom closet:

  • Coated Metal Shoe Rack:  This is one of the least expensive shoe organizers and quite practical. It’s a metal rack coated in white or black that’s durable and dust-free. It’s nailed onto the wall and comes in different sizes. The bars are slanted to hold each pair of shoes. It has a nice, clean look and it is very easy to see each pair of shoes.
  • Wood Shoe Tower:  A simple design that consists of slots for shoes or other small accessories such as hats, mittens, and scarves. The wood is usually natural or painted in simple white, but can be painted any color to match the room. The tower also comes in various sizes from a skinny 10-slot tower, or something larger for upwards of 30 pairs of shoes.
  • Wood Shoe Cabinet:  For elegance and strong visual appeal, a wood grained cabinet is a very good choice. This “cubby” comes in various sizes and can be made with a large open compartment on the bottom for larger boots and stacked heels.

With different choices of shoe organizers available, we offer the opportunity to get shoes out of the floor pile and sitting pretty in their own spaces.

Call Louisiana Custom Closets today for a free consultation.

4 Spring Cleaning Answers to Home Organization

February 18th, 2015

It won’t be long now before spring 2015 makes its debut in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. With that in mind, it’s time to think about which rooms in our homes and offices need spring cleaning and a makeover the most. Storage and organization make the biggest difference with change, and they also makes our lives easier; for that reason,  Louisiana Custom Closets is prepared to help get the needs of homeowners and business owners taken care of as we head to warmer weather.

Louisiana Custom Closets will organize any room in the office or home to make it easier to find the things everyone needs and uses. Whether it’s the garage, closet, laundry room, pantry, office, kid’s playroom, workshop area, or office storage; Louisiana Custom Closets has numerous solutions to fit every need. And best of all, the professional design team from Louisiana Custom Closets will visit your home or business environment for a free consultation.

Here are four storage solutions that Louisiana Custom Closets recommends:

  • Double hanging solutions:  By installing a double hanging configuration, more clothes space will be easily added to any closet.
  • Wall mounts: This setup will enhance the looks of any room such as a kid’s playroom, office or garage. Wall mounts will get items off the floor and into a selected area for storage.
  • Islands:  Adding an island to a closet, kitchen, or work area will give added cabinet space and an additional countertop. An island adds much needed workspace in any room.
  • Wooden cabinets:  This is a great way to enhance looks while storing items that are not in use behind closed doors. Cabinets are a great complement to closets, kid’s playrooms, bathrooms, offices, libraries, and laundry rooms. There really isn’t any room that doesn’t look great with a wooden cabinet.

As the time gets closer to tackle that spring cleaning project or that major storage reorganization as warm weather begins, give the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets a call for a free consultation. Louisiana Custom Closets will make your spring cleaning projects less of a chore and more of a desired outcome as your living and work spaces become clutter free and more organized for both efficiency and opportunity.

Call us today and get more organization into whatever you do!

4 Easy Steps to an Action Plan and Garage Organization

February 4th, 2015

We see it everywhere across Southern Louisiana: the messy garage. The residential garage is probably the best place at the house for storage and for cars, but we often see it misused and overstuffed. In many cases, the mess is everywhere from the back entrance to the garage door. Now is the moment. Spring is coming and it is a great time of year to simplify, organize and declutter the garage and make things right before summer.

Did you know that over 30% of garages don’t have room for parked cars? The clutter has simply taken over. At Louisiana Custom Closets, we want to help with garage technology that brings the space together for organization and a wide variety of purposes.

As with any project, we all have to begin from the beginning.  Setting aside a weekend to work in the garage is a must and a great first start. This will help with the initial overhaul. During this reorganizational period, make the tough choices: What do we keep? What do we give away? What do we throw away?  After this first phase of organization happens, call in the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets to assess needs and purpose.  We offer expanded garage storage, shelving, wall storage, recycling bins, overhead storage, pegboards, and other organizational strategies that make your garage the best looking one in the neighborhood.

Louisiana Custom Closets suggests four important steps to organize the residential garage:

  • Create three areas outside of your garage: The areas are for items to keep, items for donations, and items for trash. Go through everything in the garage and decide what to do with each item, putting it in the assigned area.
  • The Keepers: Articles that will be kept should be important and usable. Hand tools, garden tools, sports equipment, and frequently used ladders and containers should stay.
  • The Losers: The garage is always the last place for all of the forgotten items. These include many things that are beyond repair: old computers and electronics, boxes of old clothes, bikes, expired chemicals, chairs, benches, beach umbrellas, and paint cans.
  • The Donations/Sellers: Many of our garage possessions are still useful and can be sold at a yard sale or donated. Old tools that are still workable, outgrown toys, unused bicycles, old cabinets, are some examples. Call your local thrift store, Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity to see if they’ll pick up these items.

Once the main chore of deciding what to keep and what to toss or donate is done, it’s time to call in the professionals. At Louisiana Custom Closets, our design team will organize your garage to accommodate your vehicles and everything else.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

The Versatility of Valances in Louisiana Homes

January 21st, 2015

Valance in bedroomSouthern winters are usually mild and it is a good time of year to let the sun shine in and warm up our homes, businesses, and apartments. One of the easiest ways to let the sun shine in is to use top window treatments with no drapes.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we offer many custom designed valances to warm up our Louisiana homes.

Valances are a quick and strikingly beautiful way to freshen up any room without making too many changes. They’re simple, decorative, and functional. These window toppers soften the room while letting a volume of light which is perfect for our mild winters. They can be mounted on rods, poles, or boards with or without drapery panels.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers a wide selection of valances styled for our climate. Choose from a scalloped edged style to a waterfall styled valance. We have numerous colors to pick from that will match any Louisiana décor while adding true functionality. Big prints, small prints, and subtle prints are also available. Our custom designed window accents are made of high-quality fabrics that will last a lifetime, while enhancing the overall look of a room.

Valances are versatile window treatments which soften atmosphere, add color, or add a degree of calm to any room in the home. Kitchens are the most popular room to add a window topper without any curtains. But, a bright playroom for the kids can be created by using a valance with or without sheer panels or drapes. Living rooms are another popular choice as the midday winter sun warms the room by using a decorative window topper with sheer or light panels. They are great window accents for any window that needs to be exposed to light.

If you are thinking of a simple way to decorate your windows and enhance your living space, call Louisiana Custom Closets today to schedule a visit from one of our designers and receive a free quote. Our designers will help determine the best interior window treatment for your room along with fabric choices that will add color and warmth.

It is the time of year to let in the light!

3 Key Benefits of a Wood Closet Organizer from Louisiana Custom Closets

January 7th, 2015

Now that the holidays are over and the New Year has begun in earnest across Louisiana, it’s time to think about where and how to store all those new clothes found under the Christmas tree. Adding wood closet organizers is a great way to find a dedicated spot for your new items. Louisiana Custom Closets has a variety of storage solutions to add space to your existing closet that greatly helps with organization.

Let’s face it; we all have more clothing items than we actually need and closet space often gets cluttered. A good way to solve this space issue is by adding wood drawers and cabinets to increase closet space. Wood storage solutions come in various shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, and Louisiana Custom Closets has the most popular brands and the best selection. It is your choice to add something classy, traditional, or whimsical to create a personal desired style.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers three key benefits, with the addition of a wood closet organizer, to home storage needs:

  • Most closets have a hanging rod with a shelf above it for your clothing. But not all clothes need to be hung. By adding a wooden cabinet with drawers, your closet space will increase for your non-hanging items.
  • Time will never be wasted finding a needed item. All non-hanging clothing can be stored inside a designated drawer in the wood cabinet. Sweaters, jeans, t-shirts, even undergarments are all items that need drawer space rather than hanging space. Eliminate sweaters stacked on top of shelves or jeans piled on the floor.
  • Wood closet organization enhances the look of any closet. With clean lines and a built-in appearance, the look of closet storage within any home becomes attractive and upgraded.

To see how our wood storage solutions look in your closet spaces, contact Louisiana Custom Closets at the number listed below to set up a free consultation. Our professional designers are experienced in making Southern Louisiana and Mississippi storage areas look good while increasing room space. By simply adding smart storage, every piece of clothing and related items have a place to call home.

Make a good New Year’s Resolution and neaten up every closet in the house, from master bedroom to pantry in January!

Three Reasons to Add Thermal Drapes to the Holiday Guest List

December 17th, 2014

As homeowners know, the Southern Louisiana and Mississippi nights can be a little chilly during the holiday season. That’s why it’s important to consider thermal drapes on room windows to make the home more cozy and efficient. At Louisiana Custom Closets, we offer beautifully lined and thermal drapes that keep residences warm and your rooms stylish at the same time.

As family and friends gather around the fireplace this Christmas Season, they will be warmed not only by the fireplace, but also by a cozy room with no chilly drafts. Insulated drapes are effective in keeping the cold out and the warm, toasty heat in. Family and guests will notice how comfortable your home is and they may not ever want to leave!

What’s more, investing in thermal insulated drapes from Louisiana Custom Closets has three important advantages:

  • Energy efficient drapes will save money: Keeping the house or condo warm during the winter season. Drafty windows will be a past memory with this wise investment. Studies have shown that home heating costs are reduced up to 25% with insulated window coverings. It is an asset that pays for itself in just a few short years.
  • Thermal lined drapes are current and popular: Available in a wide variety of colors, prints, and fabrics make these additions to any room aesthetic and pleasing. Choose the design that best adds elegance and warmth to the room of choice.
  • Professional designers and excellent customer care is the great reason to buy this holiday time of year: We offer plenty of reasons to contact Louisiana Custom Closets for your new thermal curtains. Our professional and experienced team of designers specializes in quality window treatments that make lifestyles more personal and comfortable. Our design team offers many styles and colors to choose from for your home and service is our top priority.

Now that the winter season is upon us, it is time to consider an attractive solution to keep your living space both warm and cozy. Energy-saving window treatments make any home more comfortable for everyone, including Christmas visitors and it is an affordable strategy to heating and cooling efficiency.

Give us a call today!

Our family at Louisiana Custom Closets wishes you and your family all the blessings of a Joyous and Merry Christmas!

4 Benefits of Adding a Custom Closet to Your Holiday Wish List

December 3rd, 2014

The biggest holiday of the year in Louisiana is Christmas Day and it is rapidly approaching. Did you get your Christmas Tree yet? Santa is heading for the chimneys in about three weeks! On Christmas morning under the tree, one of the most popular gift items found are fancy undergarments. If the master bedroom’s closet space is full of this type of apparel, Louisiana Custom Closets offers top-quality storage solutions that will keep these delicates in order and in place.

This holiday season consider adding a custom lingerie closet to your bedroom’s wish list. In our usually temperate climate of southern Louisiana and Mississippi, all of us enjoy soft, quality clothing to keep us cool. Soft and thin fabrics such as silk, satin, nylon, and high-quality cottons are always preferred. However, just throwing these fabrics into a drawer may cause catches, pills and pulls that are damaging. Instead, ask for a beautiful lingerie closet system where all these items will be found quickly and they’ll have their own rightful place in the closet.

Louisiana Custom Closets shares the following four benefits for closets intended for delicates and storage:

  • Using our elegantly styled custom closets, dresser space will be freed up.  All your small items such as hose, undergarments, and socks can be stored in a beautiful chest with lingerie drawer organizers.
  • All your intimate items will be kept in one place in the lingerie closet. No more hunting through drawers to find a particular pair of socks or panty. Every item will have its place.
  • Lingerie closets are designed specifically for undergarments. The chest drawers are small and not as deep so that everything is in a single layer. That makes it easier to find things. Put all of your whites in one drawer and all your colors in another drawer.
  • We have numerous designs and colors to choose from at Louisiana Custom Closets and any one of them will enhance your closet space.

So, this year, ask for a gift from Santa that’s really special. Having your own custom closet for all of your personal clothing will be rewarding for years to come. Louisiana Custom Closets is committed to making your lifestyle more comfortable and enjoyable. Give one of our offices in New Orleans, Covington, or Baton Rouge a call today to schedule a free in-home consultation for your new closet.

We wish you the best holiday season and one filled with the joy and peace of family and friends.