3 Easy Ways to Organize and Declutter a Home for the Fall Season

September 23rd, 2015

Summertime is over! Summertime is often a favorite time of the year, but it is also a very busy time when many Louisiana homeowners are enjoying vacations instead of cleaning the home! Louisiana Custom Closets  suggests autumn is the perfect time of year to declutter and organize the home.

When it comes to decluttering a Louisiana home, it is much easier to keep it clean if there is an organizational system in place. Maybe there is already a family game plan and it needs to be implemented; however, there is a good chance that most homeowners don’t have an organization system or plan for their home.

When it comes to setting up an organizational system for your home, Louisiana Custom Closets offers these three ways to improve organization and eliminate clutter:

  • Increase Shelving. If there are books or magazines lying around the home, it is clear that new shelving could improve the clutter problem. However, there are many more items that can be organized using additional custom shelving, such as:  office supplies, craft supplies, school supplies, electronics and much more.
  • Create Additional Storage to the Closets. Everyone knows that closets are a great place to store a variety of items, but could updating the storage system in within a closet allows you to organize the home further? Consider creating a custom storage system to within a closet to allow for more than just clothes storage.
  • Implementing an Organizer in the Garage. The garage is one of the most underutilized organization areas of the home. If there are items that are not temperature sensitive that need to be organized, it might be a great idea to use bins and wall storage within the garage to store additional home items.

These are a few of the ideas that we suggest our customers to consider when they are trying to reorganize their homes. Maybe your home is a little more challenging? Give Louisiana Custom Closets a call today to learn how we can help you create an organization and decluttering system.

4 Cool Weather Energy Saving Tips from Louisiana Custom Closets

September 8th, 2015

It will soon be time to say goodbye to summer. It is coming to an end in just a few days, and Louisiana homeowners must again begin preparing for the cooler and often cold days of late fall and winter. Blog topics on how to prepare for the winter months are meaningful now, and Louisiana Custom Closets has several energy saving tips for homeowners.

A major cost and energy saving tip is to reduce heat loss in your home by using high-quality, “Made in America” window treatments that will keep the heat in and cold out. Louisiana Custom Closets has a variety of window coverings that will allow homeowners to do just that. Exterior or interior plantation shutters, roller shades, roman shades, and thermal drapes all have energy saving capabilities. It is an important decision of function and appeal that improves autumn and winter comfort.

Four reasons why the designs offered by Louisiana Custom Closets improve the quality of life:

  • Keep the drafts out: When it’s cold outside, who wants to sit in a cold room inside? Louisiana Custom Closets offers a variety of effective window coveringsthat will keep any room warm.
  • Improved cost savings: All energy-efficient window treatments offer at least a 10% savings in home heating costs in most cases. Our design team specialist can help decide which window solutions are right for your home.
  • The best in plantation shutters: These shutters usually offer the best way to save in energy efficiency and costs. Plus, they have added weather protection and security.
  • Seasonal energy efficiency:  All of our window treatments offer the value of energy savings in the summer as well as the winter. Once a window treatment is installed by our design team, your home will be energy efficient year round and enjoy reduced energy costs.

Because it can be an overwhelming task to determine the best window treatment for your home, Louisiana Custom Closets professional team will visit the home or condominium with just the right fabric swatches and pictures of different designs and layouts to show the homeowner. Once a decision is made, our installation team will be scheduled to make your home more energy efficient and attractive.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we believe in making your home functional and comfortable to your lifestyle. Give us a call today before that first winter storm blows in.

4 Reasons to Have Louisiana Custom Closets Create Storage Efficiency

August 19th, 2015

Organized closetStorage space is precious to many Louisiana homeowners, and we seem to never have enough of it. With families, sporting equipment, tools, boxes, bikes, hobby and crafts, and the amount of clothing and attire most of us have, homeowners are usually always looking for more places to store all of their important stuff. Our professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets face this issue every day with clients and we know how to remedy the situation.

Storage space is high on everyone’s list because we tend to live very busy lives. And having efficient storage space and solutions are critical to undoing all the clutter and living with more efficiency. Louisiana Custom Closets has been in the custom storage business for over 10 years and our design team can noticeably improve any closet, area, garage or storage space. Whether it’s a bedroom closet, the kid’s playroom, the garage, or the laundry room, a professionally designed storage area will make life easier and add home value.

When it’s time to assess your storage and closet needs, here are four reasons to consider Louisiana Custom Closets in customizing your storage spaces:

  • Efficiency:  Louisiana Custom Closets focuses on making each closet, room, or storage area more functional for personal lifestyle. With a custom-made design, more items will be stored and easily accessible.
  • Personalization:  Our experienced and professional design team strives to accommodate your lifestyle with design layouts and other options that fit your needs. If you have always wanted a shoe closet or a special toy storage area, we can create them for you.
  • Elegance: There’s no question that a customized closet or storage space is very unique and attractive.  By using most current designs, high-quality woods, fabrics, and shelving, we make the most of every space.
  • Local Sources:  At Louisiana Custom Closets, we believe in community relationships and we use locally made materials. Many of our products are handcrafted cabinetry and shelving; far superior to prefabricated items bought at the big chain stores.

In reality, what better way is there to improve functionality of a home or office than by increasing storage space? Consider calling Louisiana Custom Closets to make increased custom closets and storage space a top priority and enjoy an easier and more organized way of living.

4 Ways Curtains Can Dress Up Laundry Spaces

August 5th, 2015

On any given day in Louisiana, the busiest place in the house can often be where the washer and dryer are humming away. The laundry space is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is where clothes are ironed, hung in place to dry, and placed on a rack for later use. Ironing and folding are additional chores done in the confines of the laundry area; we tend to spend a lot of time there. And it is a space with a lot of potential.

In many cases, these spaces have windows that let the sunshine in, and it is important to note that the presence of colorful curtains can often be a nice accent for these areas, giving the room a little personality as well as the necessary functionality. The style can be just about anything the homeowner wants; sophisticated, whimsical, or cheery, adding a special pop of color to an ordinary space.  At Louisiana Custom Closets, we offer a great selection of styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from for any utility area.

Although the laundry room is usually not on the home tour for visitors and house guests, curtain style and color can often make a wonderful difference when laundry chores need to be done. Studies have shown that bright cheery colors tend to make people happy, while softer colors can be relaxing as well. With this in mind, our design team will work to create a style and choice of color that suits your lifestyle.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers four simple ideas to brighten any laundry room:

  • Touch of color:  By adding a splash of color to the laundry space, it immediately becomes the focal point of the room and catches the eye. Bright yellow or turquoise might add a bounce in your step or make a smile a regular part of laundry duty.
  • Whimsical touches:  Make laundry chores more bearable by adding a touch of whimsy. Add a striped curtain or a whimsical pattern.
  • Sophistication:  If the laundry room is near the kitchen, continue that décor into the laundry room. Add curtains that blend with the kitchen; just in case a guest might take a peek!
  • Privacy or sun shaded curtainsLouisiana Custom Closets has a variety of blackout curtains to ensure privacy and block out the UV rays. These curtains can keep the laundry room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

With the professional assistance of Louisiana Custom Closets, laundry rooms don’t have to be dull and boring anymore. One of our design specialists will gladly visit your home and offer decorative solutions based on needs and wants. Give Louisiana Custom Closets a call today to get started! We’d love to help make laundry fun again.

3 Ways Louisiana Custom Closets Increase Home Value

July 22nd, 2015

Are overstuffed, disorganized closets an issue in your home? Could summer finally be the time for a design and space upgrade? Cluttered closets are often a big problem in Louisiana. Additionally, if a homeowner is considering selling a home or townhouse, storage disorganization will tell prospective home buyers that there is not enough closet space.  Louisiana Custom Closets will solve this common problem by designing an efficient, custom organization system for every living space.

In today’s new construction, modern closets tend to be designed with space in mind for a number of reasons. Plus, having a beautiful walk-in closet in the master bedroom is both a necessity and a convenience. The old, one rod bedroom closet is out, and a professional closet makeover is in, improving the value of any home with shelving units, wire baskets, built-in shoe racks, and built-in cabinets. Each is efficient, attractive, and will increase home value and storage capability.

Reorganizing with Louisiana Custom Closets will increase the value of the home with the investment of custom closets in three ways:

  • Increase importance to potential home buyers: Potential buyers look for adequate storage and closet space and when they see a home with a professional organizing system that home tends to stand out in their minds. In today’s market, custom closets are important for this reason.
  • Improve storage within older Louisiana homes: Many older homes have smaller closets and not enough closet space for prospective buyers. Homes that have proper closet space are more desirable to a potential buyer. Today, some real estate agents will suggest investing in custom closets before placing the home on the market.
  • Simplify and organize for both style and elegance: Many people never plan to move or sell their home. Louisiana homeowners can still reap the benefits of custom closets and the organization it brings to their home and life. The added home value will always be there as well as peace of mind.

Louisiana Custom Closets can remodel and organize any closet to streamline organization and help increase home value before selling a home. Call Louisiana Custom Closet’s office now to make an appointment with our professional designers for a free in-home consultation.

2 Louisiana Plantation Shutters That Offer Timeless Style

July 8th, 2015

Louisiana homeowners know that interior shutters add beauty and functionality to every home, and they are the main reasons many Louisianans have plantation shutters. Adding these shutters as the finishing touches to any and every room with sun exposure can complete the vision of true southern style.

Why are interior plantation shutters so popular for Louisiana Custom Closets’ customers? For one reason, they are less expensive than custom draperies, and as we all know, every dollar counts in this economy. Secondly, plantation shutters can increase the value or sale of a home because they are considered fixtures that can make or break a home purchase. Most importantly, they are simple, sophisticated and smart.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers the styles that give rooms the look the homeowner wants based on the owner’s needs and wants. Plantation shutters can be custom designed and built to fit any size or shape window, and they are designed with long-term performance and timeless beauty in mind. They’re good insulation for Louisiana windows as well and help to keep energy bills lower in both the summer and winter months. Plus, they can be motorized for a child-friendly cordless window covering or for anyone who has a disability.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers two popular styles of interior plantation shutters:

  • The timeless bi-fold plantation shutters. This simple style is easily folded back against the wall exposing the light and the view. If it’s too cold or too sunny, just close the shutters to keep unwanted heat or cold out.
  • The very versatile double hung shutters. These shutters offer many options for homeowners by using divider rails; the top panels can fold back against the wall leaving the bottom panels closed for privacy or vice-versa. The shutters can also open to expose the entire window. It’s a pretty cool function that blinds and drapes simply do not offer in their respective designs.

Are plantation shutters the next home upgrade for your home, condo, or townhouse? Call our professional design team, and we’ll be glad to come out for a free in-home consultation. At Louisiana Custom Closets, we are in the business of making homes more comfortable and functional. Call us today and schedule your free visit.

4 Important Areas To Reorganize in Louisiana Homes

June 24th, 2015

Is your home feeling a little too small? Before calling a real estate agent and starting a round of new home shopping, consider all of the extra stuff in your home. It seems the longer we live in our homes, the more stuff we accumulate. Before we know it, rooms have shrunk and we need to find new storage solutions. The folks at Louisiana Custom Closets are quite familiar with this situation and can help with new and stylish storage solutions.

Louisiana Custom Closets has been in business for almost 20 years and has helped many Southern Louisiana and Mississippi homeowners reorganize rooms in their home. Don Wise, owner, takes pride in successfully making Louisiana homes more comfortable and functional. His business has grown to three locations in New Orleans, Covington, and Baton Rouge.

Here are four of the most common areas that need reorganization with storage solutions from Louisiana Custom Closets:

  • Laundry Room:  In most homes, this small area, usually near the back door or upstairs between bedrooms, gets a lot of use, yet it doesn’t get the shelving attention it needs. Louisiana Custom Closets can remodel this room to make it more functional by adding counter space, cabinets, a sink, and shelving. By adding functionality to this room, it’ll be more efficient and save time.
  • Play Room:  As families grow and children get older, the need for more toy storage space increases. By adding open bins, various sized cabinets, bookshelves, and a possible window seat, the play room can be kept organized by increasing the storage space right in the room.
  • Garage:  Most garages become a catch-all for anything and everything, and the walls get lined with stacked boxes, brooms and empty totes. By cleaning out the garage and adding wall mounts, outdoor shelving, workshop space, recycle bins, and peg boards, all the necessary items will have their own place and your garage will look great! The car will really appreciate being back inside again.
  • Closets: Our reputation over the years has been built through the quality of our closet organization! Clothes closets shouldn’t have items on the floor or draped over the door knob. By increasing the hanging and storage space in closets, it’ll be more efficient to find favorite items. An organized closet is a definite must-have in every home.

As we presented the above list, did an area of the house to mind that desperately needs to be reorganized? Louisiana Custom Closets would appreciate the opportunity to help home and condo owners with storage and organization projects in a cost-effective manner. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to make every home in Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi more functional to the needs and wants of every homeowner.

Four Ways Louisiana Custom Closets Can Create Window Transformations

June 10th, 2015

As summer fast approaches, is it time for a home window makeover? Redesigning living spaces are often   overwhelming tasks for many Louisiana homeowners. With so many choices in styles and colors available, the task of picking out want is needed and wanted can be hard to do. The expert guidance from our professional designers at Louisiana Custom Closets  helps make everything a lot more fun.

Our team will listen to the client’s ideas on window treatment styles and colors, and offer the right suggestions for home improvement. With state-of-the-art technology, our designers will be able to calculate how your ideas will look in your home. With this effective tool, homeowners will be able to choose styles and colors more efficiently for their lifestyle.

Let’s look at the four ways Louisiana Custom Closets can help homeowners with window treatments:

  • Affordability:  Redesigning a room with new curtainsor drapes does not mean that homeowners will have to break the bank. Our designers offer cost-effective ways to transform every window and stay within budget.
  • Experience:  Louisiana Custom Closets has been in business for almost 20 years. Our knowledge and understanding make a difference in assessing an environment and offering a variety of ways to make it more functional, attractive, and efficient.
  • Free In-home Consultation: A free in-home visit can start the process. Our professionals will visit your home, take measurements, and work with every homeowner to determine all the needs and wants for a sophisticated look. We integrate all the customer ideas to create unique comfort and function.
  • Top-Quality Products:  Our commitment is to provide each home with high-quality products that will last. We want Louisiana homeowners to enjoy their windows for years to come. We offer current styles, fabrics, and colors in first-rate products. We keep up-to-date on new and environmentally friendly materials as we continue to grow our inventory.

To take advantage of our services at Louisiana Custom Closets, please give one of our office locations a call from the numbers listed below. We will gladly visit your home for a free consultation.

5 Professional Energy Tips to Help Stay Cool This Summer

May 20th, 2015

Window coverings in room with sofaAs we approach summer across Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, we are reminded that our summer heat can be very unbearable. May is the perfect month to think about how to keep homes comfortable during the long summer months without extravagant cooling costs. Our professional staff at Louisiana Custom Closets can help by giving some simple ideas.

According to the US Department of Energy, homeowners can save up to 25% of their cooling costs by using the right window treatments. There are a number of practical ways to keep the solar heat out by simply purchasing energy efficient window coverings, solar films, or awnings. And if homeowners are stumped as to what their home may need to be more energy efficient, just give the Louisiana Custom Closets a call and we will come to the house for a free in-home consultation.

Consider these five energy tips to keep cool this summer and save money:

  • Before the sun hits the window each day, close your drapes or blinds and open doors to create a cross-breeze in that room.
  • Install solar film to the outside of the window which can eliminate up to 90% of damaging UV rays from entering the glass.
  • Consider installing awnings over south, southwest, and west facing windows. Awnings can reduce solar heat up to 77%. They can be easily retracted at night and during the winter months. Most awnings are made with specialized fabrics and the light-colored fabrics will reflect more sunlight.
  • Purchase blackout window coverings which will block the sun’s damaging rays. Choose fabric that is a closed weave so the sun doesn’t shine through small holes. Louisiana Custom Closets has a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.
  • Exterior blinds can be mounted above the window and easily operated to lower or raise them. This is another efficient way to keep the sun off your windows.

These are just a few of the ways that Louisiana Custom Closets can help you with your air conditioning bills this summer. These are great ways to improve energy efficiency and still have a well decorated home. When choosing window treatments for energy efficiency, let the design team at Louisiana Custom Closets visit your home and offer more ideas that will fit your décor and lifestyle.

3 Important Tips from Louisiana Custom Closets that will Improve Closet Organization

May 6th, 2015

Take this quick and simple one sentence test: Can your closet door be closed? If not, it’s time to get serious and make your closet more efficient. Many Louisiana homeowners have closets that look like they are from a scene from Hoarders with clothes on the floor, shoes everywhere, and misplaced items.

Louisiana Custom Closets knows how hard it is to keep closets organized and is offering some simple suggestions. With these tips, closet space is more efficient and it will be easier to find everyone’s favorite clothing items.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers three ways to transport closet space in order to help create functional, organized spaces where everything has a place:

  • Organize Closets by Color:  One of the easiest and quickest ways to organize closet space is to hang clothes by color instead of folding them. Place all blue blouses and shirts together, then put all white blouses and shirts together and continue with each color. Do the same with pants, dresses, skirts, and sweaters.
  • Organize Clothes By Sleeve Lengths:  If the closet area is large and includes double hanging shelves, it will be more functional to hang clothing by sleeve lengths. Put all short sleeves together on one side of the closet and then sort by color. Next put all long sleeves together by color on the other side of the closet. This method is more convenient and efficient. And it looks good too.
  • Organizing Shoe Racks and Shelves:  Too many shoes with nowhere to put them? Store shoes with a flat shelf within the closet or on a slanted shoe shelf. There are also small metal shoe racks that can be placed under hanging items. Both of these organizers are ideal, inexpensive and functional.

If you have been searching messy closets for specific items, closet reorganization will make every room look more attractive and efficient. To enhance closet space even more, give the professional Louisiana Custom Closets a call, and we will come out and offer other ideas such as shelving, floor storage, wall mount storage, and cabinets. Why not make the one room that gets a lot of use the neatest room in the house?

Call Louisiana Custom Closets today for a free in-home consultation for closet organization and more. Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse; make the appointment today.