Time to Organize the Garage for those Cool Southern Louisiana Winters

September 12th, 2014

As summer comes to an end and autumn slowly takes over, it will soon be time to put away the garden tools and all the outdoor sports items, and exchange them for all the winter gear we will need. September is the best time to organize the garage to create more space for everything before the cooler weather arrives. Because Southern Louisiana homes usually have no basements or attics, most everything unnecessary is stored in the garage. Why not take the time to maximize space with a new round of organization?

Consolidating everything in the garage will get rid of the typical clutter chaos. Everything can have a place. Imagine a spot just for the gardening equipment; another space for all the hardware, tools and paint, and another area dedicated to waste and recycling. What we are envisioning in both style and design is possible with the guidance our professional team at Louisiana Custom Closets , who will maximize the garage’s great potential with just the right game plan.

Here are five space saving ideas that can make any garage your storage solution:

  • FastTrack mounting system:  This easy mounting system will get items off the floor. Cabinets, lights, and other items can be mounted with this unique system.
  • Specific wall organization:  We will de-clutter the garage by hanging garden items, sports items, and hobby items; each in its own place.
  • Wire shelving:  Place seasonal items in bins and then onto stylish shelves to keep them clean and easy to find.
  • Bicycle hoist:  Bicycles can be lifted off the floor and out of the way. This mechanism is easy to use, even for the kids.
  • Work bench:  The addition of a bench adds functional work space and drawers for even more small storage.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we have an array of space saving storage ideas to give the garage a clean, uncluttered look while keeping everything in its place. Consider this an investment in organizing your peace of mind. The garage can now be an outdoor room ready to be organized in a fun and functional way.

Give Louisiana Custom Closets a call today to visit your garage and create an organization plan specific to your needs. The consult won’t cost anything, and everyone in the house will be amazed just how a garage can turn chaos into order.

Six Reasons to Buy Louisiana Custom Closets versus the Big Box Store Window Treatments

August 21st, 2014

Window treatments help define the unique personality of the homeowner and create a great amount of individuality for every home or condominium. Fortunately, when it comes to window treatments, there are usually only two options available to the consumer. People purchase store-bought items or they invest in unique custom design. At Louisiana Custom Closets, we firmly believe that custom quality brings a full menu of high value products that blend with excellence in customer service.  

Here in Southern Louisiana, it can be a challenge to find just the right window treatments that meet every purpose, from looks to heating and cooling efficiency. When the homeowner is ready for a change, we can outline the important reasons for choosing custom window treatments over any pre-packaged treatment kits.

Here are six reasons to customize:

  • Fabrics are chosen with décor in mind:  It’s easy to be creative with a large selection of fabrics and patterns to choose from. Match furnishings such as pillows or bedding to give a room a nice, finished look.
  • Higher quality fabrics:  Custom window treatments are made of the highest quality fabrics and last longer than store-bought items. The linings, an important consideration, are better quality to protect furniture from harmful UV rays.
  • Superior quality workmanship:  Custom made treatments hang evenly and drape smoothly in every circumstance. Mass produced curtains can often drape poorly with uneven hems. Louisiana Custom Closets feature hems specifically made for each window and the side seams will be matched as well.
  • Custom fits: Our design team will measure each window to make sure the new window treatments fit every window. Even odd-sized windows will be fitted properly. The panels are never too short or too long.
  • Finishing touches:  All the finishing touches such as trims, cording, ruffles, and tassels will be custom made to complete the overall look specific to each and every window.
  • Customer service excellence:  The purchase of custom window treatments is a process. We make it simple by having one of our design specialists visit the home to help and find the perfect matches for every window.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we think of custom window treatments as a sound investment for any living environment. The highest quality of products is offered and each window will feature an elegant, finished look to the home. Call us today and let our design experts help create window treatments that make a statement. There are just some things the big box stores cannot offer. Our service and care make the difference.

Retire My Room!

August 7th, 2014

Louisiana Custom Closets recently donated a custom closet build to Retire My Room for senior homeowner Vera Sims in the New Orleans 9th Ward! Take a look!



Congratulations to Vera Sims, and thank you to the people at Retire My Room! Check their webseries out here.

5 Important Reasons for Closet Organization

August 6th, 2014

Most homeowners across Southern Louisiana spend too much time in their closets looking for a favorite shirt or something to wear for work or school.  That’s because closets are often the most common areas of disorganization, filled with items that are not used or even wanted. Yet, there they hang for all to see. According to recent studies, most people wear only 20% of the clothes in their closet. Consumers need to remember that very important percentage when they assess storage areas and closet space. Is it time to get it organized?

Here in our part of Louisiana and nearby Mississippi, we have four seasons during the year that require diverse looks and different types of clothing.  Long pants, shorts, tees, gloves, sweaters, suits and golf shirts are all part of the wardrobe found in our closets. These items can be organized efficiently by Louisiana Custom Closets. Once the closet areas are redesigned and simplified, they become effective, well-organized, and economical.

Consider these five important reasons for getting closets and storage areas organized:

  • Organization saves time: There should be easy and quick access for all items and clothing. Everything must be visible and within reach.
  • Clothes management saves money:  When everything is visible and accessible, it is more easily inventoried for use. Less clothes usually means less money spent by the consumer.
  • The storage areas and closets need more space: A small closet can be a problem and Louisiana Custom Closets can create storage stretching solutions that will add beneficial space.
  • The closets are too large: Big closets tend to be filled with an array of clutter, and a lot of clothing and accessory items that are never worn. Clean up the clutter with our customized strategy and keep only the items that are worn and loved.
  • Everything is simplified when closets are in order: Pants and slacks will be hanging side by side. Dresses will be all together, and all your sweaters will be stacked up by color. This organization will be invaluable for both work and leisure.

If the family is wearing the same shirt several times a week and no one can close your closet door, it is time to give us a call for a free in-home consultation. Our professional design experts can recommend storage solutions to make easier and storage neater. At Louisiana Custom Closets, we have the storing solutions to organize your closet. Don’t be a clutter bug and call us today!

Roller Shades: An Affordable & Elegant Window Treatment for Southern Louisiana & Mississippi

July 30th, 2014

The simplest and most affordable way to protect furniture from the hot Louisiana sun by using roller shades. The hot, Louisiana sun is brutal on exposed wood and every fabric surface. Roller shades created by Louisiana Custom Closets will give home furniture added life while saving money.

Roller shades are absolutely great for managing light, and they are an economical choice for style and function. These energy-saving shades can be light-filtering, room darkening, or natural depending on the style of choice. The light-filtering shades will add some light into any size room while the darkening shades will block out the sun’s harmful UV rays and keep the room cool. These natural shades have a warm and eco-friendly look.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, choosing the right style of roller shades that fit perfectly into your home is very simple.  Roller shades, also called solar shades, come in two unique styles, an even look or the pleated look of a roller Roman shade. Both styles will be custom cut to fit the entire window.

Our professional team offers a wide variety of colors from sheer to opaque, from prints to a modern design. Whatever the choice, these shades look great with or without drapery. They are one of the most affordable window treatments that can add a timeless look to any room.

Call us at Louisiana Custom Closets or stop by one of our offices and let us show you our high quality and reasonably priced roller shades.

Our window treatment services also include:

  • Swatches:  We’ll show you a variety of fabric colors and designs to choose from.
  • In-home consultation:  Our design team will visit your home to measure your window and offer suggestions.
  • View an array of choices:  We’ll bring our specially designed software to show the look of the different options in window treatments and their fabrics.
  • Custom made window treatments:  Your choice of roller shades will be cut to size to fit your window.

Contact us today for window treatment design support and service. Our up-to-date lifestyle products at Louisiana Custom Closets make the world a beautiful place.

Save with Energy Efficient Window Treatments from Louisiana Custom Closets

July 15th, 2014

With the outside temperatures skyrocketing, and the hot summer upon us, it’s important to keep our Southern Louisiana homes cool and comfortable indoors. Blinds and shades are an excellent way to keep residences cool during the hot summer months. Let our custom design team at Louisiana Custom Closets visit your home and show an array of choices for window treatments that match any unique lifestyle.

The efficiency of room darkening or light filtering window treatments will save on air conditioning costs. These specially designed curtains and drapes will save money while keeping the bright Louisiana UV sun rays out. We offer a variety of energy-saving window treatments at Louisiana Custom Closets.

Here’s a shortlist of our popular products:

  • Plantation Shutters: These high quality shutters are made from wood and have an array of options such as bi-fold or double-hung shutters.
  • Roman Shades: Choose from a variety of styles from flat Roman Shades, pleated, or relaxed.
  • Wood Blinds: An eco-friendly choice that gives a clean and versatile look in a variety of colors and stain finishes.
  • Roller Shades: A traditional style that can give a custom look to any room with naturals or prints.

Choices can often be a little overwhelming when deciding which style will look best in the home. Because of that, we always offer a free in-home consultation, and our design team will bring pictures and swatches of actual fabrics that can be viewed as well. In minutes, the correct shade and the right color can be envisioned within in the overall look of any room.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we have a variety of energy-saving window treatments to choose from that bring style and convenience to every room. These shades and drapes are energy efficient in every season. They have the dual purpose of keeping damaging UV rays out during the summer, and keeping warm air in during the winter.

Make an investment in both beauty and efficiency today by calling Louisiana Custom Closets for great choices in energy-efficient window treatments. Our professional in-house design team is committed to making lifestyles more comfortable and fun.

Call us today for a free consultation.

Louisiana Custom Closets Offers Odd-Shaped Window Shades

June 26th, 2014

Window Treatments for all Shapes from Louisiana Custom ClosetsIt is almost standard practice for home builders today to build beautiful homes with at least one odd-shaped window. And it is usually that very unique window shape that attracts the attention of the new buyer. However, when that window lets in too much sunlight and it needs to be covered, it can be a problem.

Many home buyers in Louisiana face this issue, but it is not a problem anymore. At Louisiana Custom Closets, our professionals can attractively cover any window shape. This will not only add color and style to this window, but it may be cost-effective in keeping the heat out during the hot summer months, and keeping the heat in during the winter. Odd-shaped window treatments are not new but many homeowners forget to consider them when faced with a light problem. Arched windows, angled windows, trapezoidal windows, pentagon shaped windows, half-round windows, and tall and narrow windows are some of the quaintly designed windows that we shade in many homes and even commercial buildings.

Purchasing custom shades for your window needs two things to solve a window problem. First, the window shade needs to attractively and professionally fit the window perfectly, otherwise it will look substandard. We have many colors and patterns to choose from that will match and enhance existing décor. Secondly, a shade that filters or blocks sunlight is a must in our part of Louisiana. We carry both light filtering shades and room darkening shades that will solve any hot sunlight issues.

Treatments for unusual and unique window sizes have many contemporary and traditional solutions that our design team will be glad to discuss with clients. For instance, one unique-shaped window solution can be a motorized shade for those high, out-of-the-reach places. Other custom shade solutions include static treated shades which makes them resistant to dust. These two solutions are appealing when dealing with a very high window.

Whatever your window issue is, call us and we will help solve it. Our friendly professional design team always offers a free home consultation to offer suggestions and show samples of our attractive and affordably priced window coverings. At Louisiana Custom Closets, we believe in making the Louisiana lifestyle more attractive and simpler.

6 Styles of Drapes Enhance Any Room Here in Louisiana

June 11th, 2014

When it’s time to update a home’s design and interior space, one of the best and quickest ways to do it is by changing the drapery. Interestingly, window treatments are one of the simplest and most affordable ways to change a look of a room without changing the furniture. At Louisiana Custom Closets, we have the best quality custom window drapery that will make your home interior look and feel warm and beautiful.

It is important for Southern Louisiana homeowners to think about style when considering new drapes. If guidance is needed, our professional design team will come out for a home visit and make recommendations to match the style and look you have in mind.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers six popular styles in custom drapery:

  • Inverted Pleat Drapery: A versatile style that is used in both contemporary and traditional homes. This style both elegant and functional.
  • Ripple Fold Drapery: A simple style that adapts to every room.
  • Pinch Pleat Drapery: Classic style with the “pinching” of each pleat about four inches from the top.
  • Tailored Pleat Drapery: This very popular style adds a more refined look with hand-sewn pleats and hangs beautifully in any window size.
  • Grommet Drapery: The perfect choice of homeowners wanting a contemporary style.
  • Blackout Drapery: These are very current and are also called thermal drapery; this type of window treatment has a tightly woven backing that blocks light and heat from entering the window. This type of drapery comes in any of the above styles.

High-quality window treatments will make a huge difference in your home. Lined drapes will keep the light out for watching movies, taking naps, and keeping a rooms cool in the hot summer. Unlined drapes will filter the light and brighten an open room, a kids play area, a library, or study.

It is important to remember that the proper window treatment, style, and color will enhance any room and make your home more fresh and contemporary.

For the latest in window trends and treatments, call us today for a free consultation and full service measurement and installation. Our professional designers at Louisiana Custom Closets will be happy to visit your home with swatches of colors and styles that will enhance and improve the looks of any room.

Seven Important Reasons to Consider Motorized Window Treatments

May 21st, 2014

Throughout the day, many Louisiana homeowners will walk over to their windows and raise or lower their shades. The reasons for this action are numerous; however, the process can be greatly simplified. Why not consider installing motorized shades or shutters to make this daily task so much easier?

Motorized shades or shutters from Louisiana Custom Closets work can perform two ways, a motorized lift or a motorized tilt.  A motorized lift happens when the entire window covering is remotely raised or lowered as desired. A motorized tilt occurs when the vanes on horizontal or vertical blinds are tilted to increase or decrease light. Both of these systems will keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

There are seven important reasons to have motorized window treatments in your home:

  • Hard to reach windows can easily be controlled with the click of a button.
  • Protecting children and pets from harmful encounters with hanging cords and other hardware.
  • Home theater window treatments can easily be drawn down at the beginning of a movie or lifted up at the end of a movie.
  • Bedroom window treatments can be raised in the morning without getting up and lifting them.
  • Seniors can easily adjust their window treatments without having to get up and walk around furniture to get to a window. 
  • Convenience or simply making the daily routine of opening or closing window treatments much easier for everyone.
  • One remote can control all the motorized window treatments in your home.

Once motorized window treatments are installed in a home, most homeowners wonder why they hadn’t converted long ago. They are easy to operate; the remote can be hidden away in a drawer or it can be a convenient wall pad.

Our professional design team at Louisiana Custom Closets is dedicated to making home and life simpler. Give us a call today to schedule a home visit to determine which motorized window treatment will work best in your home.

Efficient Pantry Storage Saves Both Time and Money

May 12th, 2014

After a typical stop at the local grocery store across Southeastern Louisiana, most people will randomly place the non-perishable food items on the shelves in the pantry closet. This often ill-fated strategy makes for major disorganization. The next time the person heads to the storage area, several minutes is often spent looking for that cream of chicken soup needed for dinner. The can is mixed in and behind several other items. Being organized and efficient saves issues and makes sense in every aspect of food and pantry storage.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we know how to make the modern kitchen more organized so that there is less food waste and more efficiency in locating the wide variety of food items needed on a day-to-day basis.

Taking complete control of pantry space management in an effective manner has the following three benefits:

  • Grouping like items together saves both time and frustration: By creating shelving space that will group all like items together, valuable time looking for an item will decrease.
  • Shopping lists are created from need not want:Managing your shopping list will be easier because Louisiana Custom Closets has several wooden and wire shelving options that will let you see all the items on a shelf at one time.
  • Expiration dates will be more visible for adjustment and rotation: Out of sight is truly out of mind. There are times when goods often stay on the shelf long after a freshness date has expired. With a new efficient shelving system, individual items can be purchased and stored with freshness in mind.

Our design team will make the pantry a more efficient system with organized shelving that simply makes life so much easier. An affordable investment in the organization of this popular storage space will save families time and money for years to come. Why not give our office a call and have one of our designers come out for a free consultation?