Louisiana Custom Closets Announces Window Treatments that Add Pizazz to Homes

April 15th, 2014

One of the most practical ways to make a home more energy efficient here in Louisiana, and still add a touch of elegance to the décor is the use of window treatments. Window treatments regulate indoor heat or cooling more efficiently, while giving each room a warm and sophisticated look. Here at Louisiana Custom Closets, we now offer many styles of blinds, shades, plantation shutters and curtains to make any home more comfortable to live in.

Our window treatments come in a variety of colors and styles to match any home décor and any lifestyle. Let in bright, natural, and indirect sunlight with lightweight designs, or choose privacy and blackout window treatments to keep the sun out for that well-deserved afternoon nap. We keep up-to-date on current styles and trends and offer our clients the most fashionable designs in today’s modern market. As we head quickly into summer and the warmest part of 2014, what treatments are popular?

Louisiana Custom Closets offer a wide variety of today’s most fashionable styles of window treatments:

  • Interior Plantation Shutters
  • Woven Wood Shades
  • Roman Shades
  • Motorized Shades and Shutters
  • Wood Blinds

Offering window treatments, custom closets, and garage cabinet and storage systems give the home and business owner the opportunity for a one stop shopping experience. Our professional design team will be glad to visit your home for a free consultation. Whether it’s a fresh, clean look, a green design, or more privacy that’s needed, our experienced window design team will answer all your questions and help in the choice of the right treatment.

The correct blinds or shades will add a warm and welcoming touch to any room. Our designers know that this inviting feeling is what makes any living space stand out. That is why choosing the right color and style will add a world of difference to your home.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we are dedicated to creating quality lifestyle products that make homes in Southeastern Louisiana more comfortable and beautiful to live in. Call us today for a free in-home consultation that will make your home more energy efficient while adding a touch of warmth and sophistication.

Solving Storage Problems in the Home or Office with Louisiana Custom Closets

March 15th, 2014

Louisiana Custom Closets here in Southeastern Louisiana has something to offer in virtually every room in the house or office, not just the closets.  From garages to pantries, hallways to kid’s rooms, our superior custom woodwork and installation skills can turn any house into a home with its own personalized style.

When it comes to storage, the expert team at Louisiana Custom Closets will examine every space and develop the correct solutions that optimize the area for specific needs.  Large to small, any location can be improved by utilizing all available space.

From floor mounted designs that really give your office area or closet that “built in” feel, to wall mounted storage which looks sharp and is simple to use and maintain, the options are endless when it comes to custom storage capability.  Once a client has defined the style and function that fits a specific need and want, our design team can assess the details and add in the special touches that make the space truly functional and unique.

Here are six examples of closet storage upgrades that we offer for a variety of uses:

  • Jewelry: This is an item that many people do not think of keeping in the closet.  With a customized space for these items built in, jewelry becomes easily accessible when getting ready for a night on the town.
  • Designer eyewear and sunglasses: Small cubbies or partitioned drawers can keep all of your eyeglasses organized and ready to wear.
  • Dress, casual, and athletic shoes: Everyone today has several pair of shoes for a wide variety of uses. Keeping them stored and off the floor makes it that much easier to find the right pair for every occasion.
  • Socks: The classic sock drawer can be an ominous and frustrating place to find two pair that match. By having drawers with individual spaces for each pair, socks will stay together.
  • Rotating Mechanisms:  Our team can create a mechanized rotating stand for various accessories to help save storage space and add an extra flare to your closet and storage space.
  • LED Lighting: Modern, cost effective and bright, this is now a very affordable way to take any closet from ordinary to beautiful and stunning.  Aesthetics and ease of use is increased with smart lighting.

There are so many different ways to make a home or office a reflection of personal and professional style!  Call us today to take a look at the space, and start making a plan that fits your needs.

6 Ways Louisiana Custom Closets Solves Storage Issues

March 1st, 2014

Time is everything these days. Is getting ready in the busy mornings and figuring out what to wear a daily chore?  Does the idea of figuring out what to wear and choosing an outfit from a cluttered closet wardrobe seem exhausting?  Spring is the perfect time to update and improve that closet storage!  Here at Louisiana Custom Closets we strive to bring joy and efficiency back into getting dressed and out the door.

By designing, sourcing materials and building locally right here in Louisiana, we are able to control the highest level of quality and professionalism that goes into installing a custom closet.  Unlike closet systems that can be purchased at “big box” home furnishing stores, Louisiana Custom Closets actually sends out our crew of experts to make sure these closet systems are assembled properly and installed to last.

Here are six of ways to manage space with a quality custom closet:

  • CabinetsMost people may not consider this as an option, but custom cabinets add a subtle touch of sophistication to any closet.  Cabinets can be wonderful for folded clothing storage, and whites and other less essential items can avoid being on display.
  • Long hanging storage.  For items that need more room, long hang storage can be a very useful aspect of a quality closet system configuration.  Dresses, gowns, suits, and sports coats will hang up off the ground!
  • Drawers.  Another luxurious accent to any custom closet is invaluable drawer space.  Think of it as incorporating the convenience and elegance of the classic dresser into a beautiful hand crafted closet system.
  • Islands.  These can be a highly welcomed addition to every expansive closet space. When there is room, islands create a convenient folding and access surface, or a place to lay out pieces while planning an outfit.
  • Custom accessory racks, boxes or hangers.  Our builders can custom design storage specific to any collection of accessories!  Add a rack for sunglasses, a jewelry or watch box that matches the system, or even a tie hanger that brings both convenience and consistency to the closet.
  • Double hanging.  For higher ceilings, double hanging is a great feature.  It can really maximize the potential and space of a room by having a double tiered hanging wall.

When making the decision to update wardrobe, home, and quality of life, place a custom closet by Louisiana Custom Closets at the top on the list of improvements that will have a direct effect on day to day life.  Call us today to get an absolutely free appraisal of your closet spaces, and we will have the storage challenges customized and ready for whatever comes next!

Organize that Cluttered Garage for Spring with Louisiana Custom Closets

February 24th, 2014

Throughout the chilly Louisiana winter months, it is easy to sit back and watch the house clutter build up.  Nobody likes to clean in cooler weather, even inside the house!  When it comes to that garage, organizing in cold weather is almost always out of the question.

Most of us spend less time in the garage in the wintertime. If something needs to be done in the garage, we put on the jacket and gloves, and head to the garage to perform each task as quickly as possible; we then immediately retreat back into the house to get warm. With little focus and a lot of hustle, things can quickly be in disarray. Tools and larger utilities often find their way into piles on or around the work benches or deep in the corners. Boxes of decorations or assorted cleaning products line the parameter of the garage, just barely leaving space for the cars and a thin path to the door.  Although all of this is typical off season habit, Louisiana Custom Closets  offers an alternative to the vast winter wasteland we call the garage.

The answer is FastTrack hanging storage systems.

We offer three key benefits of garage storage systems:

  • Open floor space:  With hanging track systems, like the ones Louisiana Custom Closets use in garage systems, the storage is up off the ground. This strategy provides an open feel to the room.  The available floor space can be used for more storage as well, maximizing the space potential of any garage.
  • Easy reconfiguration:  When using the FastTrack system, reconfiguration is a simple process.  Tons of hanger options make it easy to store any item, and repositioning hangers is straightforward. This is especially useful for changing seasons – items can be hung in a need based arrangement so that the garage functions better than ever!
  • No more clutter:  High quality garage storage systems keep everything in its own place.  With so many different hanging options, each item in the garage will have a place for easy find and retrieval. This means no more digging through miscelanneous piles or rummaging in drawers to quickly find what you need. 

It is soon time for the annual spring cleaning.  This year, make an investment that will make life easier for years to come!  Don’t just make those piles neater; have a storage solution installed today and make the garage a place you look forward to using in the future.  Call Louisiana Custom Closets today to have an appraisal of your garage space done before spring arrives.

Louisiana Custom Closets: Your Homegrown Business

February 6th, 2014

Spring is right around the corner, and it is time for a change!  A brand new custom built closet designed and installed by Louisiana Custom Closets , serving Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. It can be just the thing to put new excitement into your storage needs. We have perfected our craftsmanship over the course of several years, and we continue to bring affordable, custom designed, unique closets to all residences and offices across the area.

At Louisiana Custom Closets we provide the complete package: design, materials, installation, customer service, maintenance, and so much more! And we do it with products and services sourced right here in Louisiana!

We like to keep our business local and homegrown. Our profits stay right here and it benefits our immediate economy. There are so many important reasons to keep business local. Here are three important reasons we keep our business here:

  • The supply chain is local: When buying services from Louisiana Custom Closets, the investment stays right here at home. We get all of our parts and materials from local area suppliers.
  • Servicing and support are local: Since all materials and parts come from us internally or from neighboring businesses, it is easy to service and maintain our products without making phone calls across the globe.  Any time a closet is in need of an adjustment, change or service, we are close by.
  • We completely control the quality: Our finished products and services are the main reasons that we keep everything local. When we source the materials, parts and labor we know exactly what we are getting.  We know everything will line up for the customer regardless of project. We are here making our masterpieces by hand, knowing that what we produce is of the highest available quality.

Now is the time to stop living with insufficient storage. Call Louisiana Custom Closets today. Our superior craftsmanship will give your closet space new life!

Louisiana Custom Closets in 3 Easy Steps!

January 23rd, 2014

The decision to have new closets and additional storage is always the hardest part of the process. Once the decision is made, it is just a matter of time for that brand new total closet makeover!  You know that the current outdated closet and storage simply needs to be replaced, upgraded and modernized.  Call the area’s professionals in for a consult and an evaluation. It helps to know that no one does a better new closet installation than Louisiana Custom Closets of Southeastern Louisiana.

Our creative design team will plan the ideal storage solution for each unique space in your home or office; from there the fabrication team takes over to make it happen.  All the components of each closet we install come from local resources, so that we can ensure complete quality and ease of maintenance.  After the materials and design of the closet are chosen, our fabrication team creates the individual elements that will go together to produce the final result.  These pieces are then taken to the residence or place of business where the installation team completes the final assembly.

When Louisiana Custom Closets perform a professional installation, the home or business owner can expect five reassurances:

  • Professionalism:  Customers can count on positive attitudes and smiling faces when the installation team arrives.  Our duty is to make the experience as simple and as easy as possible.
  • Speedy and precise installation:  Our team takes three easy steps to ensure a timely installation with quality results: 1) Organize all components, 2) Attach hangers, and 3) Install shelves, drawers, cabinets and other materials.  Once they arrive, all components will be laid out in order so that they can be methodically assembled.  Extreme care is taken during the installation process to ensure no damage is inflicted on any component of the closet.
  • Attention to detail:  Once the closet is in, each surface will be polished and double checked for quality assurance.
  • A charming result:  We know our clients will be happy with the finished product every single time.  Our system is designed to deliver the best possible results, with no aspect overlooked.

No other closet installer in Southern Louisiana is as reliable or experienced as the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets.  We are locally based and our customers know they can count on us!

Call us today for an estimate, and that dream closet will be right around the corner!

Louisiana Custom Closets: Your Laundry Room Storage Solution

January 14th, 2014

At Louisiana Custom Closets here in Southern Louisiana, we want to renew purpose and create opportunity for this integral and valuable space that everyone uses on a daily basis.  After all, what would a custom closet be without the laundry room?  The wardrobes that fill your closets do not clean themselves, and we want to offer a better quality of clothing care by recreating your laundry room with fittings that include shelves, slide out hampers, and even hangers to make the treatment of clothing an orderly affair.

There are four important storage options that can be implemented in the laundry room to make it more functional and unique for the entire family:


  • Wire Shelving: This is a very economical and highly versatile option for laundry room storage.  We install wire shelving in customized configurations, allowing everyone to get increased functionality from the laundry room area.
  • Custom Cabinet and Shelf Systems:  Laundry room storage has to necessary and functional. Everything from tissue to toilet paper to paper towels needs to be stored somewhere and with the right configuration, it all can be stacked very nicely as needed.  Store extra sheets and blankets, workout or sports clothes and equipment, and anything else with ease.  And without the clutter of disorganization. Our custom cabinets and shelves will keep the laundry area looking good.
  • Hanging Storage: Transferring clothing from the washer to the dryer can be a hassle when items need to be separated to hang dry.  It can be a hassle figuring out where to put these items while getting the dryer started, but installation of hanging storage solves the problem.
  • Slide-out Hampers: Installing hampers in the laundry room can eliminate the piles of soiled laundry waiting to be washed that are usually found in the corners of bedrooms and closets!  Hampers can also be installed directly into these rooms as well.

If the laundry room is always a mess and still has that box of Christmas lights sitting on the top shelf above the washer, it is probably time for an upgrade and reorganization.

Call Louisiana Custom Closets today to schedule an appointment for a laundry room redo and make organization a great New Year’s Resolution!

Custom Closets make Great Christmas Presents!

December 17th, 2013

The Christmas Season is upon us here in Southern Louisiana!  Houses and shops are lighting up in brilliant seasonal displays; holiday cheer is drifting wistfully from speakers across every storefront and car radio, and the smell of fir trees hangs gently in the air all through the town. The true spirit of the season is spreading across our state like a warm and gentle fog, inspiring a strong sense of community and feelings of joy in every household.

The Christmas spirit is all about giving, and selecting the appropriate gift for loved ones can often be difficult.  A gift should be something that displays a level of caring which surpasses expectation and leaves the recipient with delight and gratitude.  In some cases, the gift can be beneficial not only to the receiver but likewise to the giver.  In the case of a custom closet makeover, this is undoubtedly true!

This special Holiday Season, Louisiana Custom Closets has the perfect gift for any household – a beautifully crafted, handmade closet designed to fit the specifications that give people the organizational flexibility they need and want for Christmas.

Here are six customizable features that can be implemented in every closet space:

  • A variety of colors:  Pear, Mahogany, Maple, Almond, Cherry and White.
  • Custom configuration:  Easily configure hangers and shelves for long hanging articles, folding shelves, or double and triple stacked hanging areas for maximum use of space.
  • Cabinets and drawers:  Beautiful handmade cabinetry and drawers add an accent of class and composure to a personalized preparation palace.
  • Hand built shoe racks:  When shoes are not on the owner, they should be off the floor.  Choose flat or slanted shelves, or cubby style storage for your selection of footwear.
  • Islands:  These can be extremely useful when deciding what to wear.  Use an island as a sorting OR folding table, or just to set a cell phone or purse down while getting ready.
  • Hampers and Baskets:  Never throw dirty or worn garments on the floor!  This creates clutter and brings a touch of disorganization to a closet space.  Instead, have a custom matching hamper or basket to keep used items organized.  The underneath of an island makes a great place for hampers and baskets, and keeps them out of awkward corners.

For that yuletide gift that is sure to impress, and improve the use of any space, call Louisiana Custom Closets and enjoy a lasting work and storage space that will forever change the functionality of a home, as well as convey the motive of holiday cheer to the ones you love!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Louisiana Custom Closets!

5 Important Benefits of Wire Shelving

December 10th, 2013

For simple, economical and versatile storage solutions, wire shelving systems by Rubbermaid are one of the best options available for both home and office. For any type of storage, wire shelves provide a level of organization that is unrivaled for the cost and simplicity of use.  Closets, laundry rooms, pantries, garages, even craft rooms or children’s rooms can benefit from the functionality of a wire shelving system.

Many people may believe that wood cabinets, drawers, partitions and rods are the only solution when designing a storage space.  Here at Louisiana Custom Closets in Southeastern Louisiana, we strive to provide quality service and produce quality results with every project we undertake.  We assist clients in designing custom hardwood closets and office storage spaces that are sure to impress.

Cost effective wire shelves, though not as elegant as hardwood, have five principal benefits:

  • Versatility:  Wire shelves come in every form and provide every function.  Shelves with sliding hanging rods make for easy storage of clothing.  Multiple tiers of shelf/hanger combinations make excellent use of closet space!
  • Reconfiguration:  As people get familiar with their new storage system, it may become apparent that adjustments must be made for optimal functionality. Whatever the reason, wire shelving systems are infinitely easier to reconfigure than hardwood systems which are custom built and installed for permanency.
  • Maintenance free:  Hardwood can sometimes get scuffed or dented, need occasional sanding and staining, or in extreme cases even repair.  With wire shelves, maintenance is never an issue.
  • Environment and element proof: Wooden shelving system can change based on the Louisiana humidity and moisture is sometimes a factor in making adjustments. Wire shelves retain their integrity for years to come.
  • Affordability: At just a fraction of the cost of wood shelving, but still with all the function, it is hard to find disadvantages to a wire shelf system.

Louisiana Custom Closets has been a premier installer of Rubbermaid wire shelving for ten years here in Southern Louisiana.  For any questions, or to begin designing shelving systems that meet the needs and wants of any room, contact us today.

We wish all of our friends and clients the happiest of holiday seasons and Merry Christmas!

Out With the Old and In With the New! Installation in 6 Easy Steps with Louisiana Custom Closets

November 21st, 2013

Custom Closet InstallationHere at Louisiana Custom Closets, we bring customers the total package for the Holiday Season.  Just like New Year’s Day, our custom closets can indeed bring in the new.  We do not just consult and design closet spaces, or fabricate beautiful hardwood closet components, or even install closet systems; we do all three, and we do them with customer involvement and service in mind. Louisiana Custom Closets takes pride in the work we do, as neighbors in the community, and as service providers for the region.

When clients need and want the services of Louisiana Custom Closets, they can expect a complete and   comprehensive overhaul of the closet or other storage areas. The end results will always be as functional as they are beautiful.  We not only handle the complete closet makeover, we also do it using only local materials and services.  By keeping business home-grown, we help to stimulate the local economy and ensure that our services are held to the highest possible standard.

Here are the six steps we take to replace, restore or rejuvenate a tired and outdated closet:

  • Consult and Design:  Before any changes are made to a home or business, our designers will visit the location to view the space and discuss with the client what exactly they hope to see in their future closet or storage area.
  • Remove and repair:  Once a plan of action is made, our experienced installers will remove the old storage system and perform any necessary repairs to the walls/ceiling so that there is a clean slate to work with.
  • Install rail supports and partitions:  The subtly hidden, yet most important element of any closet system is the support.  Our custom closet systems are supported by heave gauge rails that are built to last.  This rail hanging system allows for easy reconfiguration of the closet system, as needs change or evolve.  Once rails are installed, hanging partitions are put in and crossbeams for hanging are attached.
  • Unpack and prepare custom shelves and cabinet components:  After the partitions are up, the installers will unpack all of the shelving and cabinet components of the new closet and prepare them for installation.  This means checking the polish, inspecting for dings or scuffs, and double checking hardware to ensure a proper fit prior to installation.
  • Install components, and ensure functioning:  When each and every aspect of the new hardwood closet components is cleared for quality, the next step is the construction of the new closet.
  • Clean surfaces and vacuum.  Once the closet is complete, the installers will wipe all surfaces down to ensure cleanliness and vacuum the floor around the work area, so that the client is left with a brand new, clean custom closet space to begin filling with their wardrobe!

With offices in New Orleans, Covington and Baton Rouge, Louisiana Custom Closets is happy to offer custom storage solutions to all of Southeastern Louisiana.  Contact us for more information about our  closet systems, and we can begin turning that dream closet into a reality!