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10 Garage Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

10 Garage Storage Ideas For Small Spaces
Posted: May 16, 2022
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Of all the spaces in the modern home, the garage is arguably the worst catch-all. Garden tools and moving boxes get piled up with car supplies, holiday lights, and the occasional lawnmower. 

If you happen to have a smaller or detached garage space, this problem might be even more magnified. You know you have to fit your car somewhere, but you also want to use your garage for storage as well.

Thankfully, your smaller garage isn't doomed to stay a confusing jumble. By implementing some simple yet effective garage storage ideas, you can easily create some much-needed margin in your catch-all space.

Ready to revolutionize the inside of your garage? These easy tips will have you reimagining your space in no time.

1. Get creative with wall space.

The empty wall space in your garage is just waiting to be put to good use! You can easily add extra storage space to your garage by mounting shelves, cabinets, or pegboards to the walls.

2. Add shelving.

Shelves will clear up some floor space while giving you a designated place to store items like holiday decorations, sports equipment, and tools.

3. Consider installing overhead racks.

Racks are a great option for storing luggage, holiday decor, and seasonal decoration. Overhead racks also free up valuable floor space from awkwardly-shaped items.

4. Make the most of your ceiling space.

Use a storage ladder to pull bulky items up and out of the way, such as long-handled tools or seasonal decorations.

5. Don't neglect the floor!

Don't forget to utilize every inch of your garage by adding some rolling shelves for quick and easy access.

6. Put your corners to good use.

It's easy to turn a small corner of your garage into an easily accessible car maintenance station. All you need are some bins, a few labels, and a professional garage design.

7. Use your entry points wisely.

Use the space above doors or windows in your garage to store things like leftover paint cans that you might not have room for elsewhere.

8. Opt for stackable storage options.

When storage space is tight, go vertical! Stackable options will help you make the most of a limited footprint.

9. Store sports equipment on wheels.

Create a grab-and-go solution for sports equipment like bikes or helmets. This way, you can easily access what you need without moving everything else out of the way.

10. Keep your garage organized with bins and baskets.

Baskets and bins are essential for corralling small items and keeping your garage organized. Be sure to label each container to find what you're looking for easily.

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