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3 Easy Tips for Storing Off-Season Clothes and Linens

Posted: Apr 21, 2016
Categories: Custom Closets
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Now that spring is here and summer is fast approaching, it is the perfect time for Louisiana homeowners to get organized, declutter the home closets, and pack up their family’s heavier clothes for the warm months ahead. When making this transition with the annual wardrobe, it is important to make sure that the packing and storage of cool weather clothing is done strategically in order to save both time and money. The closet professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets understand that spring can often create a lot of problems. Specifically for our local readers, we have some very important information below:

Louisiana Custom Closets offers three organizational tips for packing and storing off-season clothes and jackets:

  • Choose storage wisely: It may be convenient to just stuff winter clothes in a few cardboard boxes, but it is not great for the garments. Instead, we recommend using specially designed spaces in the closets and containers for storage. We offer the choices that make a difference.
  • Hanging versus folding: Diverse clothing requires different types of storage; home owners need to make sure a closet can support different kinds and different amounts. For example, clothes made from natural fibers should be folded so that they don’t stretch out. For most wardrobe items, shirts, blouses and the like can be hung neatly side-by-side, so using the right type of hanger is important.
  • Start small first: Seasonal accessories like mittens, gloves, and scarves can be easily stored in most closets, but it is important to store boots so they keep their shape. One of the many innovative closet features that Louisiana Custom Closets offer is specially designed footwear storage. Another is a rack system that gives Louisiana homeowners easy viewing and access to a wide array of items like ties, belts, or scarves.

If the ho-hum of spring cleaning and current closet and storage options aren’t working out, call us and ask about our FREE in-home estimates and quick turnaround times. Louisiana Custom Closets is that best place to go for with one’s closet or storage needs. Call us today at 985-871-0810 to learn more.