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3 Important Reasons for an Attractive and Functional Garage

Posted: May 26, 2016
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When the Louisiana garage space is cluttered and disorganized, it can greatly impact the rest of the home storage capability. Louisiana Custom Closets can work with homeowners who need total garage makeovers with organization and storage systems that are both functional and attractive. From new shelving to total reorganization and brand new attractive and functional cabinetry, a redesigned garage interior can make the entire home look good and owner feeling proud about it.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers three important reasons to make the garage functional and have it be the total envy of the neighborhood this spring and summer:

  • Allows parking in the garage: Louisiana Custom Closets will not only install custom garage cabinets, but our team of professionals will help create complete organizational solutions. Getting items like tools, shovels, lawn equipment, boxes, bikes and brooms off the floor where cars can be parked, will make everything clear and clutter free for easy access from wall to wall.
  • Increases storage space in indoor closets: Many items in bedroom and front room closets can be stored in the garage, creating more storage capability throughout the home. Storage bins and boxes can find new places in the garage to reduce the clutter in bedroom closets. Many articles for garage storage are not sensitive to temperature changes, and yet can still be protected from the elements. Shoes, boots, jackets, luggage, and seasonal clothes can be neatly placed into areas redesigned for these types of storage.
  • Declutters utility and spare rooms: Improve the laundry room area with new found space under the sink and cabinets by storing items like soaps, detergents, and sponges in the garage. Stocking up on important items through grocery coupons and savings can now be a priority. Place them in the garage for easy accessibility.

Across Southern Louisiana and Mississippi, garages can be underused and many are stuffed full and not used with purpose at all. And garages are often the main source of undefinable clutter. The problems of disorganization are solved quickly with the assistance of Louisiana Custom Closets, creating new space and increasing storage capability. Our custom designed cabinets and reorganization systems combine to make the garage a source of pride, and it helps make cleaning in this area easy and straightforward. Simply getting miscellaneous items off the garage floor can make the difference. Everything indeed has a place with total garage organization from Louisiana Custom Closets.

Is it time to declutter the garage and give it renewed storage capability? It only takes one call to turn clutter into efficiency. Again, call us today to get free, no-obligation quote for custom garage cabinets and storage systems.