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3 Important Tips That Help Customize Home Closet Space

Posted: Apr 5, 2016
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The expert team at Louisiana Custom Closets understands that there are no two homeowners alike. Every single one of them is different and unique. These differences are frequently reflected in style, dress and apparel. We truly believe that different flairs and lifestyles deserve diverse types of closets and custom closet accessories.

As closet needs change from house to house here in Louisiana, it is challenging to decide the best type of custom closet for each type of individual style and wardrobe. In fact, what type of custom closet for accessories is really needed? Thankfully our experts at Louisiana Custom Closets have compiled a list of helpful tips to get the most out of closet space regardless of the need. Through the unique combination of our custom designed closets and innovative closet accessories, Louisiana homeowners can be sure they are getting the best and most useful and functional closet for their money.

When choosing the best wardrobe closet accessories, consider these three important tips:

  • His and Hers: We want everyone to customize and personalize each part of their custom closet to fit personal use. For “his”, we offer high-quality belt and tie racks, designed to preserve the integrity of their accessories while also making all options easily accessible. For “hers”, we offer options that include lined jewelry trays, where the entire collection is visible in one glance.
  • Display Favorite Items: Everyone collects something of fashion, from shoes to ties. Louisiana Custom Closets has the closet accessory needed to show it all off! Many Louisiana homeowners have custom shoe walls installed for easy access and view of their running shoes, heels or boots. How about custom, glass-topped, jewelry cases with lighted and lined compartments to give valuables an extra bit of sparkle?
  • Traveling: Homeowners who travel have a unique array of storage challenges. For professionals and vacationers alike, Louisiana Custom Closets recommends the following closet accessories: a central island to plan packing, linen-lined baskets to sort items on return, and custom locations for various suitcases for important out of the way accessible storage.

These tips are just a sampling of the closet accessories available at Louisiana Custom Closets; to learn more about our custom closet designs, visit our website, or call us at 985-871-0810 for a FREE in-home estimate.