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3 Wonderful Holiday Ways to Organize from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Dec 11, 2018
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Maybe that heavy gift-wrapped box under the Christmas tree is a new set of tools, or it could be a big box of toys a fun-filled hobby. The presents are being wrapped, coming directly from the North Pole, and all of them create endless possibilities on Christmas morning. These great new holiday gifts will need places to be used and efficiently stored.

Louisiana Custom Closets can help Santa and all his helpers in NOLA, Louisiana and Mississippi with organizing and decluttering any room of the home. Storing what Santa brought is important and places need to be found. Places like the garage, closets, and other storage areas will be better utilized with planning and installation of spaces and places with our clutter cures in every room. Saving space means saving time and money and improving the look of every home.

Three wonderful holiday ways to organize any room for all the presents:

  • Garage: The garage is often overstuffed, disorganized and maybe even underutilized. Holiday gifts, like new tools and gear for fishing and camping, need places to be used and stored. Our team of professionals can easily turn a disorganized garage into an organized and efficient utility place perfect for storage and the cars! Louisiana Custom Closets has great garage storage choices utilizing our unique FastTrack mounting system. This system allows cabinets, tools, accessories and more to be mounted off the floor away from dirt and water and arranged as needed. The ultimate garage is just a call away!
  • Hobby room: Maybe the hobby gifts that bring joy are under the Christmas tree as this blog post is written. Hobbies can be great pleasure for many of us, and they can also provide money making opportunities. Having a separate room for a fun hobby is essential. We can enhance an existing hobby room, or we can turn an unused room into a beautiful, organized, and productive utility area. We offer custom closets with shelving, pull out shelving and custom file storage solutions.
  • Kitchen cabinets and pantry: How about a gift for the home chef? At first, a gift for the kitchen might not be exciting, but given the fact that many people love to cook; a gift for the kitchen would be perfect for under the tree. Maybe a new food processor, a set of knives, dishes, air fryers, and more, are just what the everyone needs for culinary delights this holiday season! Some of these items might not be used every day, but storage and organization are necessary for use and reuse in the year ahead! How about a new walk- in kitchen pantry and specialty cabinets? We can design and install beautiful and essential custom kitchen ideas for everyone.

Louisiana Custom Closets is the gift that keeps on giving this and anytime of the year! Our team offers holiday home storage solutions, so those new gifts can be used and stored properly every time. Having an organized area for these new gifts can certainly enhance the enjoyment of the holiday season.

To make the new year less hectic, we offer the gift of free in-home estimates. Call us today at (985) 871-0810 and visit our online photo gallery for more custom closet, kitchen pantry, and storage solution ideas.