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4 Easy Steps to an Action Plan and Garage Organization

Posted: Feb 4, 2015
Categories: Garage Storage
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We see it everywhere across Southern Louisiana: the messy garage. The residential garage is probably the best place at the house for storage and for cars, but we often see it misused and overstuffed. In many cases, the mess is everywhere from the back entrance to the garage door. Now is the moment. Spring is coming and it is a great time of year to simplify, organize and declutter the garage and make things right before summer.

Did you know that over 30% of garages don't have room for parked cars? The clutter has simply taken over. At Louisiana Custom Closets, we want to help with garage technology that brings the space together for organization and a wide variety of purposes.

As with any project, we all have to begin from the beginning.  Setting aside a weekend to work in the garage is a must and a great first start. This will help with the initial overhaul. During this reorganizational period, make the tough choices: What do we keep? What do we give away? What do we throw away?  After this first phase of organization happens, call in the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets to assess needs and purpose.  We offer expanded garage storage, shelving, wall storage, recycling bins, overhead storage, pegboards, and other organizational strategies that make your garage the best looking one in the neighborhood.

Louisiana Custom Closets suggests four important steps to organize the residential garage:

  • Create three areas outside of your garage: The areas are for items to keep, items for donations, and items for trash. Go through everything in the garage and decide what to do with each item, putting it in the assigned area.
  • The Keepers: Articles that will be kept should be important and usable. Hand tools, garden tools, sports equipment, and frequently used ladders and containers should stay.
  • The Losers: The garage is always the last place for all of the forgotten items. These include many things that are beyond repair: old computers and electronics, boxes of old clothes, bikes, expired chemicals, chairs, benches, beach umbrellas, and paint cans.
  • The Donations/Sellers: Many of our garage possessions are still useful and can be sold at a yard sale or donated. Old tools that are still workable, outgrown toys, unused bicycles, old cabinets, are some examples. Call your local thrift store, Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity to see if they'll pick up these items.

Once the main chore of deciding what to keep and what to toss or donate is done, it's time to call in the professionals. At Louisiana Custom Closets, our design team will organize your garage to accommodate your vehicles and everything else.

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