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4 Great Entryway and Mudroom Ideas from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Jun 8, 2018
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The tropical storm season is upon us, and at the same time, it can be the best time of year for outdoor activities. Summer is almost here, and the fun can include water and even wet clothes. Whether coming in from the rain or entering the house after fishing all day, an efficient entryway and mudroom is important to keep mud, dirt and water from being tracked throughout the home.

Louisiana Custom Closets can create efficient and organized entrances for any size home across NOLA, Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. Homeowners can easily have an efficient and organized entryway without giving up an attractive and beautiful first impression. Our professional team can design the perfect entrance for every need. There are so many advantages to an organized and clutter-free entryway.

Here are four great advantages for an entrance way from Louisiana Custom Closets:

  • Easy loading and unloading location: An organized entryway and mudroom is a great place to pick up and drop off items that are needed for the day that might otherwise be tossed anywhere in the home. Entryway hooks are great for hanging up jackets, hats, and backpacks. An organized entryway can also eliminate the chaos of looking for those daily items when leaving home.
  • Shoe storage capability: A bench in the entryway or mudroom is great for taking off wet and dirty shoes. Shoes and boots can then be stored neatly under the bench. This keeps dirt and mud off of carpets and can keep hardwood floors from getting scuffed.
  • Safety first: Most homeowners would not associate an entryway or mudroom with safety, but if there are hardwood floors throughout the home, walking on them with wet shoes can cause anyone to have a dangerous fall.
  • Increased home value: A beautifully designed and efficient entryway and mudroom can increase the value of the home when considering functionality and attractiveness.

Louisiana Custom Closets can design and install an organized and stylish entryway for every home. Our designs can include entryway hooks, bench, shelves, and custom closets that will create efficiency and organization.

Call us today at (985) 871-0810 for a free in-home estimate for all of your storage needs, custom closets and other clutter free ideas. We offer the perfect custom closets, kitchen pantry and storage solutions for all rooms in the home. For more great storage ideas, please visit our photo gallery.