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4 Helpful Ways Louisiana Custom Closets Organize Laundry Rooms

Posted: May 11, 2017
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The Louisiana laundry room might be the most important and most overlooked room in the home. Has your laundry room become the traditional place to throw dirty clothes, store long forgotten clothing, and everything else? Many laundry areas are corridors with a lot of additional duties for cleaning supplies and shoes. There is often little space available, except for the washer and dryer.

Louisiana Custom Closets can turn a disorganized and cluttered laundry room into an organized area with plenty of space. With the great storage ideas form our experts, doing the laundry will seem like a breeze instead of a chore.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers four helpful ideas that bring total organization and utility to the laundry room and corridor:

  • Storage baskets: Storing all the soaps, bleaches and other laundry cleaning products on the floor might not be safe. We offer unique storage solutions to store all these cleaning products. Custom shelving, cabinets, and storage bins will keep these products off of the floor and away from young children and pets.
  • Ironing: Pressing clothes is never the most enjoyable experience. Our organizing ideas will help ironing be less of a hassle. Louisiana Custom Closets can work with the space available and create a clutter free storage area for the ironing board or foldout ironing board.
  • Folding clothes: Standing up while trying to fold clothes is no fun, especially when clean clothes can drop onto the floor while folding them. We can fit customized counter tops, built-in shelving, compartments, and even benches to fit any laundry room; making folding, and sorting clothes a simple process.  
  • Hanging clothes: When taking wet clothes out of the washing machine, it is better to hang them up instead of trying to get them to stay on a counter. Louisiana Custom Closets can design and install efficient hanging spaces for clothes. Not only is this perfect for clothing that needs to be air dried, but also for clothes that need ironing.

An organized laundry room can help make doing the laundry easier and quicker each and every week. Louisiana Custom Closets will work with all homeowners in NOLA, Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi to design and install an efficient and functional laundry room.

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