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4 Laundry Room Solutions from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Nov 17, 2015
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Everyone stores an array of assorted items in the average home laundry room. Sets of keys, batteries, floor cleaners, shoe polishes, bath soaps, and boxes of Kleenex, bed sheets, and holiday items are often found in this central location. Many Louisiana homeowners use their laundry room to store all kinds of miscellaneous items, along with the common laundry supplies like detergent, bleach, and fabric softener.

Our design group at Louisiana Custom Closets serving clients in Southern Louisiana and across Mississippi understands that the laundry room can often be a catch-all room that stores a variety of miscellaneous household items. Our custom closets are great additions to a home, but if one area inside is disorganized; the entire house can seem a mess. In addition to storing all those interrelated household items, our professional team can offer a better storage quality within the laundry room with shelves, slide out hampers, storage and even hangers.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers four very important storage options that can be implemented in the laundry room making it more functional and useful for the entire family:

  • Wire shelving: This is a very economical and highly versatile option for laundry room storage.  We install wire shelving in customized configurations, allowing everyone to get increased functionality from the laundry room area.
  • Custom cabinet and customized shelf systems:  Everything from laundry detergent to cleaners needs to be stored somewhere and with the right configuration, it all can be stacked very nicely as needed. Our custom cabinets and shelves will keep the laundry area looking good no matter what needs to be stored.
  • Hanging storage: Transferring clothing from the washer to the dryer can be a hassle when items need to be separated to hang dry.  It can be an aggravation figuring out where to put these items while getting the dryer started, but installation of hanging storage solves the critical problem.
  • Slide-out hampers: Soiled laundry can get tossed everywhere. The simple installation of laundry room hampers can eliminate the piles of clothes waiting to be washed. Hampers can also be installed directly into bedrooms and closets as well.

If the laundry room is always a mess and household items are stacked everywhere, it is probably time for an upgrade and reorganization before Christmas and New Year’s. Call Louisiana Custom Closets today to schedule an appointment for a laundry room remodel.