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5 Benefits of Garage Storage Flexibility

Posted: Mar 26, 2013
Categories: Custom Closets
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During the wintertime, your garage can become the traditional dumping ground for any and all items and belongings that you did not want to store in the house, but must be stored somewhere. Or maybe those holiday decorations could have been left in disorder and now is the time for spring cleaning.  Possibly you have too many tools or too much home maintenance or lawn care equipment, and your garage is starting to look one big tool shed!  If any of these scenarios hit close to home, Louisiana Custom Closets has a solution for that garage storage.

Here in Louisiana, the heat and humidity prevent us from utilizing attic space and basements as extra or utility storage space.  This means most of the storage responsibility is put on and in the garage.  When this is the case, keeping everything organized can be a hassle.  Especially when you need things frequently from your garage like automotive tools and yard equipment!

Don’t let a trip to the garage be an exhausting endeavor any longer!  Let Louisiana Custom Closets take charge of your storage and make the best of your available space!  For garage storage, we use FastTrack storage systems to keep everything in order and off the floor.

Five Benefits of having the FastTrack Mounting System:

  • Off The Ground - No more placing tools or boxes on the floor.  With FastTrack, shelving and hangers are all off-the-ground to keep your things organized and easily accessible!
  • Interchangeability - All FastTrack mounts and hangars fit onto one universal track.  This makes rearranging your system simple and easy, so you can customize the configuration of your storage depending on which things you’re using the most. In the summer, keep beach chairs and hoses by the door, in the fall, the rake and the leaf blower!
  • Variety - There are a number of mounts and hangars for any and all uses.  No matter the size, FastTrack has a storage hanger for every item including bicycles, weed whackers, hoses and much more!
  • Sturdiness - Most hangers hold up to 50 pounds, and stronger rated hangers are available.  Just check the rating to make sure it can support your item.
  • Versatility - Multi-level FastTrack systems make it easy to keep the commonly used items on a lower track while utilizing the vertical spaces for tall items like shovels or ladders.

If you have a heavily used garage that turns into a cluttered mess too easily, we can help you turn that mess into a clean utility space you can be proud of every time you open the garage door.  We customize every system for your space, and can take the stress out of working in your garage, or even just walking through it!  Don’t spend any more time worrying over your garage, call or e-mail us today to get started customizing your storage solution!