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5 Must-Have Features Of A Custom Pantry In Covington

5 Must-Have Features Of A Custom Pantry In Covington
Posted: Aug 4, 2021
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One of the biggest trends of 2021 is the humble custom pantry. Considered one of the most desirable features of a home, these custom spaces are picking up steam all over Covington, LA.

Before you settle on a custom pantry design, verify that your space has all the must-have features of modern pantry design.

Features Of A Custom Pantry: 5 Things To Look For

Here are five essential custom pantry features for Covington LA homeowners.

1. Open Storage

Unlike cabinets or drawers, open storage options allow you to see and access items at a glance. Since objects are visible, sorting through and finding necessary things is easier than ever. Plus, you'll spend less time decluttering your pantry looking for items you thought you lost (or spending money on items you thought you didn't own).

2. Walk-In Space

Sometimes called the 'Butler's Pantry,' a walk-in pantry space is the perfect opportunity to maximize storage while allowing your kitchen to remain 'king of the castle.' Walk-in spaces offer substantial customization options, with plenty of storage types, colors, and themes available to you. Best of all, a walk-in custom pantry lets you determine what you do and do not want to store inside your actual kitchen.

3. Unique Storage Options

If you're investing in a custom pantry space, go big or go home! Regular pantries usually lack the spacious or unique storage options that many tools and appliances need, especially in the modern kitchen. These largely include:

  • Stowaway Drawers
  • Wire Baskets
  • Cubbies
  • Wine Racks
  • Stemware Holders

Design a custom pantry space with at least some of these options in mind. Not only will they remove clutter from your kitchen, but they will help you find a natural home for cutting boards, wine glasses, and counter produce that just seem to migrate around the room.

4. Cookbook Storage

Your custom pantry is supposed to be a catch-all for all unnecessary kitchen storage, including cookbooks. Despite what staged online models suggest, most of our frequently used cookbooks are not show-worthy pieces. This is even more apparent for volumes that are torn, weathered, or spattered with cooking spray. This form of shelving is necessary!

Install a dedicated cookbook storage shelf directly inside your custom pantry space. Not only will you start to recover some vital kitchen space, but you can squirrel away some more miniature eye-catching objects in your primary cooking space. Having a custom pantry can revolutionize your display habits, among other things.

5. Adjustable Shelving

Just like custom closets, custom pantries should be designed to grow alongside you and your family. As dietary, appliance, and cooking needs change, so should your storage.

Adjustable shelving helps bridge the gap between milestone events and your kitchen space. With just a few quick adjustments, you can raise or lower the gaps between shelves, making room for the things that matter.

New Kitchen Aid? Raise your shelves to fit the whole appliance. Need more storage for kids cereal? Reduce the shelving to stack boxes easier. With adjustable shelving in place, there's nothing your custom pantry can't hold!

Louisiana Custom Closets Can Build A Custom Pantry In Covington LA

Building a custom pantry doesn't need to take months to design, cost tons of money to install, or be highly stressful to oversee. With Louisiana Custom Closets, we make it easy to design, build, and install a custom space that's right for you, including pantries.

Schedule a free in-home estimate with us today to get started on the perfect custom pantry design.