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5 Summer Ideas for the Kitchen and Pantry from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Apr 27, 2018
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The weather is heating up across Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, and that means summer holidays and parties. The kitchen is always the place where it all begins. May is a great time of year to take a look at kitchen storage, and especially the pantry. Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are right around the corner; plus, there are BBQs, summer get-togethers, and great summertime meals. Entertaining family and friends is one of the great American pastimes.

A disorganized kitchen pantry can turn warm weather fun into misery. Louisiana Custom Closets can transform that disorganized pantry into an efficient, organized, and beautiful part of the kitchen. We can design and install the type of kitchen pantry that will make all homeowners look forward to summer parties and indoor and outdoor cooking.

Here are five hot ideas for great kitchens from Louisiana Custom Closets:

  • Pleasurable cooking: Preparing and cooking food should be enjoyable, not a headache. Having everything like spices, condiments, chips, and canned foods right where everyone can find them is a great help and a real time saver.
  • Less frustration: Searching for food items that should be there is not only frustrating, but also very time-consuming. An efficient and organized kitchen pantry is simple with our corner shelves, chrome baskets, drawers, hook racks, and high-storage shelving that takes the frustration right out of the kitchen.
  • Easy food rotation: Once in a while we all find those great deals at the grocery stores for foods that we need. Sooner or later, these foods get lost in a disorganized kitchen pantry and when we find them, they are past expiration date. An efficient and organized kitchen pantry from Louisiana Custom Closets can help rotate foods quickly and easily when guests arrive.
  • Saves money: An organized kitchen pantry can help save money. When we can’t find something in a disorganized pantry, it goes on the shopping list, only to be found later behind other items. An organized pantry, make the weekly shopping list more efficient.
  • Enhances home value: A good local realtor will often tell sellers that the first room a buyer will usually look at is the kitchen. And a kitchen with plenty of storage and an efficient pantry adds to home’s appeal and increased value.

Having that beautiful and organized kitchen pantry is simple for all homeowners with the help of Louisiana Custom Closets. Our professional designers can give you a free in-home estimate for a wonderful pantry complete with beautiful corner shelves, high shelving and storage for pans and platters, wine and spice racks, and hook racks for aprons and brooms.

Give us a call at (985) 871-0810 and let us customize the kitchen pantry. Customers can also look at all of our custom closets and other products in our photo gallery.