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5 Tips for Building an Organized Home Office

5 Tips for Building an Organized Home Office
Posted: Jan 25, 2023
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Love it or hate it, work from home is here to stay. Even if you work in an in-person industry or hold a physically essential position, there may be times you need to telecommute or accomplish tasks outside your workplace. That means you need a calm, quiet, organized space to get your work done.

But many don't have access to a space exclusively designed for at-home work. At the height of COVID-19, over 70% of workers were improvising a workspace from a random location in their homes. Roughly two in three people have worked from their beds, while half have worked from their living room couch.

Improvised locations are not a sustainable solution for the future of WFH, especially as we swing into the new year. Good thing building a room or space for work doesn't have to be complicated. 

Let's walk through how to make it happen, including some ways Louisiana Custom Closets can help.

1. Space First

The most important part of building a home office is finding the right space. You have a few options:

  • Building an addition to your home to get more space
  • Turning an old bedroom or closet into a workstation
  • Reclaiming a smaller portion of a larger room

2. Consider Needs

What do you need from an office space? Do you need an executive desk with lots of drawers or cabinets? Or would you be content with a room that has the bare essentials?

All home offices need at least a few standard items:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Lighting
  • Office supplies
  • Access to outlets

Take note of what you need (or don't need) while defining your office space at home.

3. Multifunctional Rooms

Don't need a whole room for your office? Why not hide it in plain sight! Thousands of homeowners have built offices inside closets, around kitchens, or even in guest rooms or basements. 

You could also invest in fold-down furniture that can be put away when not in use, like collapsible tables, standing desk platforms, and foldable office chairs.

4. Consolidate Items

If you want a home office that keeps distractions to a minimum, you'll want to consolidate, organize, and unify your clutter. That means:

  • Getting built-in shelves
  • Focusing on vertical storage
  • Purchasing filing cabinets

5. Upgrade Details

It's the little things that make a home office feel special. Find ways to bring focus and elegance to your newfound space, starting with paint colors, decor, and houseplants. If you're working with Louisiana Custom Closets to design an office, we'll ask you about these touches during the planning phase.

Louisiana Custom Closets Is Your One-Stop-Shop For Designing or Redefining Your Custom Office

There's no wrong or right way to build a home office. However, some methods of installation produce better outcomes than others. And if you ask thousands of homeowners in Southern Louisiana, they'll tell you the best way to have a custom office space is to partner with Louisiana Custom Closets.

LCC has more than two decades of experience with storage solutions around Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. We would be happy to help you design or redefine a custom office at home. Call us at 985-871-0810, get a free estimate online, or visit our showroom at 13405 Seymour Meyers Boulevard, Suite #24. Chat soon!