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A Look Inside A Dream Closet Design

A Look Inside A Dream Closet Design
Posted: Sep 8, 2020
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How LCC Brings Dream Closet Designs To Life

There's no room in the home quite like a custom closet. With ample space, organization accessories, and unique features, there's no reason not to invest in a dream closet of your very own.

There are many features that custom closets share between one another, many of them absolutely essential in building a high-quality, highly-effective closet space. A dream closet design is often open and bright, with enough space to house personal belongings for many years to come. Cabinets and other display storage areas help to house important or useful accessories, while a light and beautiful interior shows off personal items stored with so much thought and care.

Let's take a look inside a custom dream closet design with LCC.

Building The Dream Closet Design

The process of building a dream closet begins with picking and choosing the perfect elements for each individual home. Colors are often bright and airy, or elegant and wood-like through high quality finishes.

Many elements of custom closets that are added at this stage include:

  • Hardware and handle colors and designs
  • Open shelving and cabinet areas
  • Drawers and item racks
  • Accessory placements and display cases
  • Islands or folding countertops
  • Specific brightness or lighting solutions

Exact measurements are taken to establish the correct size, budget, and hardware for the in-home installation. All that remains is the official production of the dream closet design.

Finalizing Custom Closet Elements

Dream closets remain dreams until they are installed in their respective homes, where they can enter reality in all their glory. Once the blueprints for a custom closet design are approved by the homeowner, a template will be sent to LCC's Covington manufacturing facility. There, all elements of the custom closet will be produced, painted, and quality assured. The LCC professional installation team will complete the build in its final destination within one business day. Each house is treated like a personal home, and is mindfully navigated to produce as little clutter and disturbance as possible. After so much care and attention, the dream closet design is finally a reality and ready to be used.

Re-Imaging The Future Of Dream Closet Design

Designing a dream closet takes a good deal of time, effort, and professionalism in order to be successful. That's why Louisiana homeowners must rely on a competent, experienced team to deliver the results they deserve.

Ready to start work on your very own custom dream closet design? Get the help you deserve with Louisiana Custom Closets, a revolutionary custom shelving company with a passion for your next home project. Every one of our customers work one-on-one with a seasoned design specialist to develop a blueprint for their unique home. With individualized attention and caring installation professionals, LCC makes the implementation of your custom closet simple, efficient, and affordable.

Let the folks at Louisiana Custom Closets make your dream closet a reality. Schedule a free in-home estimate to get the process started right away!