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His And Hers Custom Closet Ideas for Baton Rouge Homeowners

His And Hers Custom Closet Ideas for Baton Rouge Homeowners
Posted: Jun 9, 2020
Categories: Custom Closets
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How Two Baton Rouge Wardrobes Become One – Louisiana Custom Closet Style!

You may not realize it, but your closet is more than just a place to store clothes: it's a storybook filled with the pieces, places, and accessories that describe your life.

When two people live together (and store clothes together) long enough, their closet slowly begins to turn into a story built for two. However, this ideal 'storybook' may quickly transform into a jumbled mess of oxfords, blouses, and sweaters.

An idea that has been gaining steam in the past decade is the concept of the his and hers closet. Built to accommodate two unique wardrobes within the same specialized room, the his and hers closet is becoming a mainstay of modern, chic home design.

No matter how extensive your wardrobe may be or how many accessories there are to store, find both rest and respite in a his and hers custom closet design from LCC!

Unique His And Hers Closet Ideas

Break outside of the box and experience something new by building a his and hers closet that wows even the most staunch conventionalists.

  • Leave room for laundry machines and folding baskets, eliminating the need for sorting, folding, and cleaning clothing outside of your closet space.
  • Install curtains in front of open clothes racks and folded cubbies to add dimension, flavor, and color to your closet.

Traditional His And Hers Closet Ideas

Boost your home's resale value and old-world charm by installing a his and hers custom closet with all the bells and whistles.

  • Create clear division by installing dressers or wardrobes in the center of wall spaces.
  • Add floor length mirrors to either side of the closet to provide beautiful yet functional dressing spaces for both him and her.

Smaller His And Hers Closet Ideas

Take a minimalist approach to your smaller space by designing a custom closet that enhances and inspires.

  • Install a set of cubbies where clothing can be folded and stacked.
  • Smaller walk-through closet spaces can be divided directly in half to produce perfectly symmetrical His and Hers sides of the closet.

Get Started On The Closet Of Your Dreams With LCC

Building the closet of your dreams becomes reality with help from the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets. Decades of experience building and designing unique closet spaces have taught us that it takes more than just luck to build a custom closet: skill, professionalism, and a winning smile have always put us at the front of the pack.

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