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How Custom Closets Can Increase Your Southern Home's Value

How Custom Closets Can Increase Your Southern Home's Value
Posted: May 14, 2023
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How much can custom closets increase the value of your southern home? One source says a bedroom suite can recoup 56% of your initial investment.

This number, however, doesn't include every possible closet at home. They certainly don't look at all the other returns of investment (ROIs) one can get from a custom closet renovation.

Let's take a closer look at the actual value of a custom closet, especially how it may impact your Southern home's value.

Other Values You Can Get From a Custom Closet

There's much more to value than dollar signs alone, especially for custom closets. Here are a few other ways a custom closet can bring value to your Southern property.

Increase Joy

According to research, installing a custom closet is the best way to increase the joy factor of your home. A recent survey ranks closet renovations as a 10-out-of-10 project for boosting satisfaction with your home, tied only with kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, and a coat of new paint.

The results are surprising:

  • 68% of people said they feel a major sense of accomplishment when thinking about the project.
  • 59% of people said they feel more enjoyment at home thanks to their new upgrade.
  • 56% of people said they have better functionality and livability thanks to their new custom closet.

Indeed, installing a custom closet could increase your overall satisfaction and help you feel happier in your home.

Sell Faster

Custom closets can also help your home sell faster, of course, depending on the features inside. Recent research suggests certain properties could make your listing more appealing to buyers, including:

  • Hardwood: Sell 2.4 days faster
  • Soapstone counters (for islands): Sell 3.8 days faster
  • Open shelving: Sell 3.5 days faster

Following along with custom closet trends can help you align your design to modern buyer expectations.

ROIs Are Not Only About Bedroom Closets

We mentioned that bedroom suites could provide up to a 56% return on investment depending on the closet's design, production, and overall look. This means approximately half of your investment becomes tangible equity in your home.

However, the ROI could be much higher by remodeling additional spaces in your home. These include garage additions, kitchen remodels, and bathroom renovations. In one way or another, these remodels do involve closet installation.

To get an idea of the average ROIs brought by household renovations in different states in the Southern US, here are the numbers:

  • Florida: 69.6% ROI
  • Alabama: 66.2% ROI
  • Louisiana: 67.4% ROI
  • Mississippi: 65.8% ROI

Remember that these numbers are averages only and may not reflect your individual experience. However, they provide an initial launching point so you know what to expect before starting.

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