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How long does it take to build and install a custom closet?

How long does it take to build and install a custom closet?
Posted: Oct 27, 2023
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You love the idea of building a custom closet for your home. You just don't want to wait long to get one. So how long does it take to build a custom closet? And better yet, how long does it take to install one?

At Louisiana Custom Closets, the design process averages two to three weeks. Installation? Typically under a day.

Let's take a closer look at the factors impacting build time for closets in Louisiana.

But First: The Difference Between Building And Installation

Building and installing aren't the same. The building encompasses designing, fabricating, and assembling your custom closet. Only after these steps are the finished materials delivered to professionals for installation in your home. The installation process is exactly what it sounds like: professionals install new components, accessories, and fixtures in your closet. This takes less time than the building process, although the exact timeline depends largely on the company you choose to use.

Let's break the closet building and installation timelines down into smaller pieces.

How Long For Closet Building? The Louisiana Custom Closet Duration

It can be frustrating to get a ballpark estimate for closet timelines. It's even worse hearing the dreaded 'it depends.'

But truthfully, building a custom closet for your Covington home is a uniquely personal experience with a uniquely personalized timeline.

A few of the factors impacting your timeline include:

  • Closet design: The bigger, bolder, and more detailed you want your closet to be, the longer it's likely to take for designers to map out your vision.
  • Closet materials: Some preferred materials take longer to source than others, which can push back the timeline of your blueprinting and design process.
  • Closet changes: It's not uncommon to have a change of heart while designing your custom closet. However, multiple changes can add days or even weeks to your building timeline.

Louisiana Custom Closets can design and build your closet in two to three weeks on average. Since our manufacturing team builds your closet at our local workshop, we can debut your new closet in under a month.

How Long For Closet Installation? Custom Closet Build and Install Time

Like custom closet building, custom closet installation depends largely on your personal circumstances.

The most obvious of these include:

  • Closet size: It doesn't take very long to install a custom reach-in closet, but it may take much longer for custom walk-in closets.
  • Fixture type: Looking for custom closet lighting? Or want to add special accessories to your closet? It may take a little extra time for professionals to install your items.
  • Clean up: The best custom closet installers (including Louisiana Custom Closets), prefer to clean up your space after completing the installation process. This may take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size or scope of your project.

Keep in mind the team at Louisiana Custom Closets strives to install closets within a day or less. However, larger or more expansive projects may require multiple days for best results. We can provide you with a personalized timeline after you call our team.

Get A Custom Closet Even Faster With Louisiana Custom Closet

Who said getting a custom closet for your home had to take multiple months? With Louisiana Custom Closets, your new design could be just three weeks away.

Louisiana Custom Closets is proud to be one of the highest-rated builders of custom closets in Covington and beyond. We install custom closets all over the Gulf, serving homeowners in:

  • Louisiana Northshore
  • Greater New Orleans
  • Baton Rouge
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • Alabama Gulf Coast
  • Florida Panhandle

Since 2003, we've built a reputation for excellence and personalization with hundreds of happy clients. We've been privileged to work with some incredible customers — and we'd love to make you one of them.

You can contact Louisiana Custom Closets at (985) 871-0810 today to chat with our team about your custom closet. Want to visit our Covington workshop? You're welcome to drop by 13405 Seymour Meyers Boulevard, Suite #24, Covington, LA, 70433.