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How to Organize Your Closet for Fall & Winter in 5 Steps

How to Organize Your Closet for Fall & Winter in 5 Steps
Posted: Oct 13, 2022
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Whether you own a walk-in closet or a reach-in space, fall is one time of year when drawers begin to feel scattered, racks look cluttered, and wardrobes need a good ol' fashioned weeding.

Getting your storage space organized for the cooler months need not be complicated. Let's look at these five steps needed to get your closet in tip-top condition!

1. Cull The Closet

The changing weather means it's time to switch our tanks and t-shirts for sweaters and long sleeves. As you pull articles of clothing out of deep storage, take some time to consider which does or does not deserve a space in your closet.

Not into that style anymore? Less interested in that color pattern? Donate, upcycle, or hand it down to another family member. Your wardrobe will thank you!

2. Set A Pattern

The best-organized closets follow a system of organizational rules or patterns. Some of the most common of these include:

  • Color coordination: Clothing is organized into groups of similar hues.
  • Types and styles: All pants are hung together, all blazers, all blouses, etc.
  • Outfit groups: Pre-build your outfits and hang them together in the same area.

Feel free to use one or all of these organizational strategies to keep your closet in check.

3. Upgrade Your Accessories

Despite your best intentions, your closet may need more storage for your personalized accessories. Awkward items, especially shoes, ties, and jewelry, often work best in cabinets with additional cubbies, drawers, or racks for storage.

You can design a workaround for smaller wardrobes or rely on temporary fixes to get the job done. However, it's always best to look at future-focused solutions, such as custom-designed closets. You can get a free quote for your project needs with Louisiana Custom Closets anytime.

4. Fix Your Lighting

The easier you can see into your closet, the more organized you'll be. You have a few lighting options to choose from:

  • Running lights around your baseboards or corners of the wall
  • Pop-on battery-powered lights that stick to walls or ceilings
  • Motion sensor or rack-style lights

It's best to consider a combination of all three (or more) for the best closet suitability.

5. Consider An Expansion

As your wardrobe grows and your needs start to change, getting a total closet makeover may be in your best interest. A custom closet allows you to store, organize, and stock your space exactly the way you want, filled with the accessories and features you want for your home and family.

And with Louisiana Custom Closets, your dream closet might be just a phone call away.

Let Louisiana Custom Closets Build You a Storage Space to Work With

Getting the closet organized can feel like a Herculean task. But simplifying your storage with a custom space can make the process much more streamlined—and enjoyable to boot!

At Louisiana Custom Closets, we've helped thousands of homeowners in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Covington, and beyond design a dream space with a simple installation process. We're passionate about delivering delight with every service we provide, letting our results (and awesome reviews) speak for themselves.

Ready to see our professionals in action? Get a free quote by calling us at (985) 871-0810, filling out this form, or visiting our manufacturing office at 13405 Seymour Meyers Boulevard, Suite #24, Covington, LA 70433. Louisiana Custom Closets proudly serves Covington, Baton Rouge, Gonzales, New Orleans, Luling, and surrounding areas in Louisiana, as well as the Mississippi Gulf Coast. See you soon!