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How To Protect Your Wardrobe From Closet Pests

How To Protect Your Wardrobe From Closet Pests
Posted: Apr 16, 2023
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When the time comes to plan for your own custom closet, pest protection will probably be the last thing on your mind. But not only can closet pests create extremely serious infestations. They’re also exceedingly common around the Southern United States.

Carpet beetles, clothes moths, cockroaches, crickets, and silverfish can wreak havoc on a custom closet. These insects are capable of consuming thousands of pounds of fabric per year and won’t hesitate to make a mess of your dress wear (and other articles of clothing).

It’s critical to design your closet with both form and function in mind, including pest protection right from the beginning. Here are some things you need to know about planning and protecting your closet from pests.

Pick The Right Materials

Certain types of custom closet materials are excellent at deterring pests. Solid cedar is an attractive option that also smells great in finished installations. But be sure to order it from a trusted provider to ensure long-lasting results.

You can opt for pest-resistant materials in other accessories, too. For example, wire racks provide less space for pests to hide and make it harder for them to climb up (especially bed bugs). Hardwood floors can also reduce nesting habitats and minimize the likelihood of infestation.

Keep Items Well Organized

While pests can thrive in any environment that offers what they need, they’re partial to dark and cluttered spaces with plenty of hiding places. 

Thus, be sure to build more storage “than necessary” into your custom closet plans. That way, you have plenty of space for all the items you love (and have a little extra to spare). 

There’s nothing wrong with growing into a custom closet space—and a great custom closet planner can help you seamlessly implement this extra storage.

Don't Leave Cracks And Gaps

Pest infestations can make their way into your home from practically any nook and cranny. If you have a single crack or hairline fracture near your walls, floorboards, or cabinets, pests (like beetles, moths, and even mice) are sure to make their way inside. 

The best way to avoid construction mistakes is not to DIY your own closet. Instead, look to trained providers—like Louisiana Custom Closets—to get the job done right.

Defend Against Closet Pests With A Professional Custom Closet Maker

Custom closet design requires many considerations, especially when protecting your space from closet pests. If you’re ready to start on custom design but worried about forgetting the details, don’t hesitate to contact the team behind Louisiana Custom Closets today.

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We build and install some of the highest-quality custom closets on the market. So, whether you're looking for a spacious walk-in or just an upgraded reach-in closet, you can trust our team to perform a closet installation that exceeds all expectations.

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