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Ideas For Custom Closet Shelves In Baton Rouge

Ideas For Custom Closet Shelves In Baton Rouge
Posted: Dec 7, 2020
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Discover A New Way Of Building Custom Closet Shelves With LCC

Deciding to build a custom closet space is an incredible step towards living a life that is truly yours. However, there are a lot of considerations to manage when taking your first step towards the custom design process. How large will your closet be? What kinds of paint, storage racks, or flooring will it have? Will you be expecting to increase the size of your wardrobe over time? Finally, what will your custom closet shelving actually look like?

These questions are not necessarily easy to answer, nor do people really want to take time to answer them. After all, how much do the little things matter in the grand scheme of things?

When it comes to building custom closets, the devil is in all the details. In fact, the littlest things in your custom closet are the ones that make the biggest difference. That's why deciding on your custom closet shelving now is the best way to avoid confusion or complications in the design process.

Let's narrow down your choice in custom closet shelving with some help from Louisiana Custom Closets.

Our Top Five Ideas For Custom Closet Shelves In Baton Rouge

If your custom closet is the heart of your home, custom closet shelving will act as the structure thats keep it all together.

Custom closet shelving doesn't need (and shouldn't ever be) an afterthought in your custom closet. Here are a few ways to make your custom space even more usable without breaking the bank.

1. Add Drawer Dividers

Not only are drawer dividers a beautiful and upscale edition to any closet, but they are simple ways to store what you want where you want. Dividers allow homeowners to take advantage of new opportunities and store hobby items that may not have any other place to go. Organize the miscellaneous home closet items such as office supplies, hardware and wires, and even cuff links or ties. 

2. Install Jewelry Organizers

Give prized possessions a place to stay on your custom closet shelf by investing in organizers that compliment your overall design. These organizers should be easy to reach and simple to access, as well as displayed prominently for maximum 'wow factor.'

3. Use Valet Rods

Augment the space underneath your shelving with valet rods in color schemes of chrome, satin, or oil-rubbed bronze.

4. Add Baskets In Place Of Shelves

Take a unique approach by abandoning regular closet shelving for pull-out style baskets. Baskets can be easily modified to fit an overall theme.

5. Find Space For Belt And Tie Racks

Reserve more of your shelves for things you need with durable, fashionable, and custom belt and tie racks that eliminate wasted shelf space. 

Louisiana Custom Closets Is Your Custom Shelving Expert

Serving the people of Louisiana for nearly 20 years, Louisiana Custom Closet is your local go-to expert for custom shelving design, manufacturing, and installation. Our crews work day in and day out to create an experience like none-other, painstakingly delivering results that hit the mark every time.

LCC is committed to manufacturing excellence that is unmatched by any other company, with custom closet shelving that exudes quality in every way.

  • Custom closet shelves are a minimum of 3/4 inches thick.
  • Custom closet shelves have 3-mill rounded edge bands.
  • Custom closet shelves are a full 14” deep (not 12”).

Interested in learning how LCC could bring your custom closet shelving to life? Call our local Covington office at 985-871-0810 to get started on a CAD design right away.