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Is a Custom Laundry Room Worth It?

Is a Custom Laundry Room Worth It?
Posted: Oct 13, 2022
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You already know just how valuable home customization can be. From revamped kitchens to upgraded bathrooms, customizing your home is a surefire way to bring value to yourself and others.

However, your home’s most valuable custom spaces aren’t just kitchens and bathrooms. The tiny details that make the most of your space and the smallest upgrades that add the greatest amount of value. That includes adding shelves and other touches to your laundry room.

Let's explore the power of a custom laundry room at home, exploring the value, ROI, and installation process for any space.

The Value Of A Custom Laundry Room

We tend to think of value as a monetary reward or investment. However, the value of a custom laundry space is far more than just dollar signs.

Customizing your laundry space (like with shelves and other storage solutions) can bring many benefits to your home and family:

  • Make chores easier. Say goodbye to missing socks and keep bulking hampers out of sight.
  • Ease of organization. Access your items quickly, efficiently, and without struggling.
  • Efficient storage. Banish household clutter and speed up daily tasks.

This isn’t to say there’s no ROI to a custom laundry space. Quite the contrary! You may be surprised to know how much you could make.

Your Laundry Room’s Return On Investment (ROI)

Custom laundry spaces are high-value, high-yield, and highly functional custom spaces. They’re incredibly worthwhile additions to your home that are worth every penny. The average ROI of a custom laundry room can range between 50% and 70%

Very few custom rooms at home can provide more than 50% ROI. For example, upscale additions to bathrooms yield 55% ROI. Most full-scale kitchen renovations result in about 54% average ROI. Others, including bedrooms, offer at least 40% ROI in less competitive housing markets.

Let Louisiana Custom Closets Help You Customize Your Laundry Room

Now you know how much a custom laundry space is worth, and your home could use one, too. However, you’re unsure where to start looking for contractors or setting up your area.

We've served the Covington, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, and South Louisiana areas for nearly 20 years at Louisiana Custom Closets. We follow a simple five-step process to get you started and strive to take the guesswork out of upcoming renovations. 

  1. We give you a free in-home estimate so you can budget for costs up-front.
  2. We partner you with a CAD designer to image your space in 3D.
  3. We manufacture all the custom shelving in your space.
  4. We visit the home and complete the installation process.
  5. We're all done! Enjoy your new space.

Ready to get started? Don't hesitate to get in touch with LCC. Call us at (985) 871-0810, fill out this form, or visit our main office at 13405 Seymour Meyers Blvd., Suite #24, Covington, LA 70433. Louisiana Custom Closets proudly serves Covington, Baton Rouge, Gonzales, New Orleans, Luling, and surrounding areas in Louisiana, as well as the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Looking forward to seeing you soon!