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Protecting Our Customers, Neighbors, And Friends

Posted: Apr 1, 2020
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How LCC Is Taking Precautions For Closet Design And Installation During COVID-19

The effects of novel disease COVID-19 have affected nearly every aspect of our normal lives. Here at Louisiana Custom Closets, our main pursuit is to provide our customers with complete protection in light of the current situation.

COVID-19 Precautions For Custom Closet Clients

Although our general approach has changed, our tried-and-true quality results have not. In order to combat the devastating effects of COVID-19 on our customers, neighbors, and friends, LCC has implemented a number of important safety changes that will continue until further notice.

  • Moving forward, all custom closet quotes are completed on a remote basis. The measurements for room size, depth, and other important metrics are communicated with our team members through phone or online chat, then configured by our staff members. Once the numbers in the final quote report have been confirmed, they are digitally returned to the applicant for review.

  • If the quote report is accepted by the inquirer, our team suggests a build out and install date that works best with the homeowner's schedule. As always, the construction and closet implementation process is completed on-site at our Covington facility.

  • Set up and installation dates for all new closet designs are contingent on customer availability and physical proxemics. In an effort to add additional physical distance between homeowners and our installation crew, Louisiana Custom Closets will only complete the installation process if homeowners are able to maintain adequate spacing between themselves and our service team.

  • For elderly, ill, or at-risk populations, new closet installations will be temporarily postponed. However, the process will begin again as soon as all-clear conditions are made known to us by the CDC, the State of Louisiana, and the Federal Government.

  • A lengthy disinfectant process begins in our manufacturing facility in Covington, and continues as LCC begins the new closet installation process. We ask that homeowners thoroughly disinfect the area of the home that our team will be working in, and take precautions to clear the space of any health hazards. Our team will disinfect the closet area throughout the installation process with CDC approved virus combatants to ensure that transmission risks are lowered.

  • Once installation is complete, our implementation professionals will make one final sweep of the space with approved disinfectants. Although we are saddened not to visit with our customers face-to-face, our team is working hard to reduce their physical interactions with homeowners and their families as much as possible.

The health and wellness of your family is a serious matter, which is why Louisiana Custom Closets is dedicated to approaching our current health crisis with all the seriousness it deserves. Our current situation may be uncertain, but we at LCC remain hopeful that we will soon have the ability to resume our new closet installation process in the near future. Until we can once again serve in person, LCC is proud to continue assisting clients in the only way we know how: with passion, dedication, and determination.