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Questions To Ask Yourself When Designing a New Closet

Posted: Feb 11, 2020
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Searching for the delicate balance between fashion and functionality is only one of the many factors that go into designing a brand new closet space.

In fact, closets are some of the most personal areas in the home. From organizing your wardrobe to displaying the things that make you unique, these storage solutions are excellent places to show off both tasteful storage and practical living.

Before they begin designing a brand new closet space, homeowners must ask themselves many fundamental questions about where, how, and what their closet design needs to be.

The Modern Closet Design

No matter what aesthetic or purpose you want your space to serve, all contemporary closet designs encapsulate the following:

  • Distinctive, adequate lighting
  • Spacious and uncluttered
  • Promote beauty and everyday practicality

With the above points in mind, continue to ask important questions about your closet design and the function it will serve in your home.

Three Critical Questions To Ask About Your New Closet Design

When you're ready to begin taking the first steps towards designing the perfect home wardrobe, ensure you have an answer to each of the following questions.

1. What Do I Need My Storage Space To Do?

This is one of the most fundamental questions to ask during the initial planning process. What items will you need your new closet to keep? For clothing purposes, using a strong hanging rack with Rubbermaid Fasttrack technology is an excellent place to start. Have a multitude of shoes or purses that need storing? Think about building a closet with deep hutches and partitions with a minimum 12" depth. Deep shelving is perfect for storing any large accessories.

2. What Do I Want My Storage Space To Look Like?

To design or to design a lot? Your personal aesthetic is one of the biggest considerations when blueprinting your next closet design.

Think about the smaller details, including mirror placement, lighting locations, and closet doors. How do these design elements play into your vision?

Not sure if you're considering all the right factors? Reach out to a local closet design expert now for comprehensive storage planning advice.

3. What Company Will Have My Best Interests In Mind?

When they're ready to begin the installation process, many homeowners discover that finding the right closet company is a tricky and even complicated endeavor. Instead of paying for inexperienced work or settling for second best, homeowners are advised to research and reach out to the best custom closet manufacturer available to them.

Serving Louisiana residents with passion and skill, Louisiana Custom Closets is your local designer, manufacturer, and installation expert for all your storage solutions. As a family-owned company with decades of experience in the industry, we take pride in delivering nothing but our best work in your next closet design, big or small. Call our main Covington office directly at 985-261-3670, or request a free in-home estimate using our contact form to get started on your new closet design. At LCC, your storage dreams begin with our solutions.