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Styling Your New Orleans Custom Closet For the Holidays

Styling Your New Orleans Custom Closet For the Holidays
Posted: Nov 20, 2020
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Decorate Your Storage Solution With LCC

The last thing most people want during the holidays is to show off their home's overstuffed and overpacked closets. However, if you're the proud owner of a Louisiana Custom Closet, you'll want your visitors to enjoy a part of your home that is unlike anything else.

For those of us who have lived in New Orleans for any amount of time, we know what it is to have a NOLA sense of style. There is a clear vibe for custom closets in our hustle-bustle town, and a real sense of style that shapes both its design and decoration. During the holidays, we don't just decorate the outside of our homes -- we decorate our living spaces from top to bottom!

An important part of seasonal decorating should take place inside of your custom closet. This special place can be a great conversation starter for visiting friends and family members, and a happy beacon of holiday cheer during your daily routine. Best of all, you can show off your decoration prowess and sense of New Orleans style in a room that is all your own.

Just how can you transform your custom closet from serene storage space to bursting holiday cornerstone? Louisiana Custom Closets can help.

Transforming A New Orleans Custom Closet For The Holidays

Here are a few tips as you style your NOLA closet for all of the upcoming holiday fun

  • One of the best ways to make your Louisiana custom closet feel like a focal "talking point" for holiday guests is to install some festive holiday cheer. Hang wreaths, garlands, lights, or even Christmas themed wall stickers in areas that can be well appreciated by guests.

  • Bigger closet spaces are easily spruced up with some greenery, such as a living evergreen tree. Other Christmas themed indoor plants include amaryllis, poinsettias, holly, and even rosemary bushes. Green, white, and red pots add the perfect pop of color to any custom closet space, especially those with bright, natural lighting.

  • Wooden wall or leaning art is an inexpensive and fashionable addition to any custom closet. Many local artisans can design a piece specifically for your taste, color palette, and holiday design style. Your wooden boards could spell out some popular greetings of the season, such as 'Noel,' 'Joy,' or 'Peace.' Paint a Christmas tree on an unevenly cut board and lean it against the wall. With this form of decoration, the possibilities are endless!

  • Holiday pictures, anyone? Replace your current hanging art with some seasonal imagery that is sure to put you in a holiday spirit. Family photos, pleasant landscapes, and beguiling Norman Rockwell prints are all possible options that set the mood. Keepsakes and kid's crafts may be another art option.

For additional tips and tricks regarding the decoration of custom closets for the holidays, reach out the Louisiana Custom Closets creative team today.

Tap Into Holiday Cheer With A New Orleans Custom Closet From LCC

If you have not yet invested in a custom closet space for yourself or your family, this may be the best year to do so. With so much holiday magic in the air, add to the atmosphere with a personalized space that is all your own.

Contact the team at Louisiana Custom Closet to develop a storage solution that is right for you. Our crew of designers, manufacturers, and installation specialists make your holiday wishes come true with helpful services designed to care for you.

Decorate something special with a custom closet design from Louisiana Custom Closet!