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Walk-In Closet Storage Ideas For Busy Households

Walk-In Closet Storage Ideas For Busy Households
Posted: Jun 3, 2021
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Walk-In Closet Storage Ideas For Busy Households  

Imagine what your home might look like in another time. A crystal clear floor, scrubbed to perfection, with not a toy in sight. Imagine flawless countertops, perfectly made beds, and of course, pristinely organized closets.

As much as we hate to wake you from the best dream ever, there's really no such thing as a perfect-looking home. As a busy family in a busy time of life, you simply don't have the hours, energy, or bandwidth to keep the house exactly as you'd like. Between the kids, your job, and maintaining a social life, some things just aren't going to be perfect. This includes your custom closets.

Although you might not be able to maintain that perfect or idealized walk-in closet space, you can design some practical custom closet spaces that work perfectly for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Here are our top 10 best ideas for ramping up your walk-in closet storage, no matter how busy you are.

1. Jewelry Boxes

Store valuables inside built-in storage solutions.

2. Try Storage Bins

Use baskets and bags to hold additional items.

3. Install Shoe Racks

Vertical spaces can be used to your advantage. Place shoe racks into strategic areas of your walk-in closet to make shoe-hunting easier.

4. Drawers

Tuck away your clothes, accessories, or smaller items inside a pull-out drawer. These could be installed in the walls of your closet, or within a central island.

5. Center Islands

Center islands are rapidly becoming some of the most beloved items in modern custom closets. Not only can center islands be used as folding stations, ironing boards, and optional counter spaces, but they can also be used to hold everyday items and storage cubbies.

6. Storage Cubbies

Hollow, glassed in, or single-side accessible cubbies can hold almost any closet accessory. Use additional cube shaped bins to hold children's toys and clothing, or tuck away lesser-used articles of clothing, including winter hats and gloves.

7. Tie Racks

Sort and easily select the tie you need on any given date. No more rooting around your drawers for a matching accent color! In addition, tie racks make for a nice conversation piece in any closet.

8. Mirrors And Lighting

While you might not think of lights and mirrors as integral to your walk-in custom closets, these elements are absolutely vital to your busy life. Don't just store things inside your closet; use your space to get dressed, get prepared, and get ready for the day.

9. Adjustable Clothing Racks

All custom closets, especially walk-in closets, should have some adjustable clothing racks. Not only are they excellent for families with young children, but they are a wonderful option for busy folks. As your wardrobe grows, shrinks, or expands, your interior storage will flex to match your pace.

10. Cabinets

Unlike drawers, walk-in closet cabinets can add both interior and exterior storage to your space. Some cabinets may feature a pull-out basket for holding trinkets or small accessories, while others have their exterior baskets fastened to the front. Ultimately, you may prefer the look of interior cabinet storage, where items are hidden away and not visible to the world.

When you're ready to build some functional custom closets for your busy life, LLC will be ready to help. Louisiana Custom Closetis proud to design walk-in closets of all types, from large and intricate showpieces to functional yet beautiful family catch-alls. To learn more about our custom closet designs, or to inquire about a quote, call our Covington office at 985-871-0810. We can't wait to revolutionize your closet space!