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Why Custom Closets In New Orleans Are A Fad That's Never Going Away

Why Custom Closets In New Orleans Are A Fad That's Never Going Away
Posted: Aug 10, 2020
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LCC Weighs In On Why Custom Closets Are All The Rage


Move over bathrooms and kitchens: there's a new remodeling poster child in town!

Getting a custom closet installed in the home is one of the fastest growing trends in the modern remodeling industry. Like bathrooms, kitchens, and other highly popular design spaces, custom closets are becoming a heavy selling point for homes all over America. Many have asked why this trend is growing so fast here in Louisiana, and about the factors that have brought them into the spotlight. While we don't have all the answers, one thing's certain: the custom closet design fad in New Orleans isn't going away anytime soon.

How Custom Closets Became A New Orleans Essential

There are three primary reasons why custom closets are trending  in the New Orleans area.

  1. Storage Perfection: The custom closet you install today is perfect for the items you purchase tomorrow. They grow with you! They are tailor-made to your specifications, and allow you to store any clothing, shoes, or accessories in one place.
  2. Efficiency: Tight on space in your place? Custom closets optimize, economize, and otherwise simplify your household storage process all at the same time. Save both time and money with the installation of a storage space made exactly the way you want.
  3. Home Value: Believe it or not, custom closets add an enormous amount of value to a home, including lasting home equity that rarely depreciates with age. Some professionals have estimated that customized storage spaces provide a shocking 100% ROI return. If that's not worth the fad, what is?

Custom closets truly are for everyone, regardless of where or how they live. Not sure how to jump on the New Orleans custom closet bandwagon? Get a free in-home estimate with the professionals at Louisiana Custom Closets right away. We're ready to help!

Discover A Design for Your New Orleans Custom Closet With LCC

Fads are crazes that quickly rise and fall, but true value never goes out of fashion. If you are ready to begin looking at a custom closet design for your New Orleans home, trust only the best in the business to help you succeed. Louisiana Custom Closets is a locally owned business with nearly 20 years in the custom design industry, generating thousands of storage solutions for homeowners all over the country. We provide professional design consultations with trained experts, on location manufacturing of materials with our Covington office, and world-class installation experiences that treat your homes better than we treat our own.

Experience the welcoming addition of a custom closet in your home when you call or visit the main office of Louisiana Custom Closets today. Dozens of unique combinations involving colors, styles, and spaces are available for you to choose from, sent from our hearts to your home. Let's get started!