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3 Clever Storage Ideas from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Aug 9, 2018
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Under Stairs Custom PantryItems that are only occasionally used, pose a significant storage problem in many homes. Every homeowner has a wide variety of them. Common items that can take up important storage space include: exercise equipment, bread makers, cookbooks, and musical instruments. Across our region of Louisiana, families might stockpile an emergency food supply for hurricanes and other natural events, and all of us have suitcases, holiday ornaments, decorations, yearbooks and tax records. Hobbies can also take a lot of valuable storage space as well. As homeowners assess how items are stored, they soon realize that everything can be stored in an organized and clutter-free manner.

Louisiana Custom Closets can assist homeowners in Louisiana and Mississippi to find the best storage solutions for these seldom used items. Our professional design team will come to the house and assess all available space for storage solutions, and we offer a free in-home estimate. It can be surprising just how much space is available with the support and help of our skilled team of professionals.

Louisiana Custom Closets offers three clever ideas that can add storage and organization in any home:

  • Under stairs storage: An underutilized area of the home is always the space under the stairs. This area can the perfect place for organizing and storing seldom used items. Depending on the size of the area, custom storage solution ideas are practically unlimited. Shelving, drawers, wine storage, book shelves, hanging rods for clothes and even a small home office are just a few ideas for under the stairs.
  • Unused closet space: Many people might have an under-utilized closet somewhere in the home. For example, a closet in a rarely used guest room can easily be turned into a great custom closet for all of these little used items. Using custom storage ideas like drawers and baskets, can create neatness and efficiency.
  • Second Pantry: Louisiana Custom Closets is well known for their beautiful custom kitchen pantries. But a second pantry is possible in other areas of the home. A second pantry could be installed in an unused portion of the garage, laundry room or under stairs. This would be the perfect storage solution for emergency food and water storage and seldom used kitchen appliances, cookware, serveware, and extra table linens.

Louisiana Custom Closets have the perfect storage solutions for those seldom used items that are valuable and memorable yet need to be stored for safekeeping. Our designers will utilize all available space in the home for every need imaginable.

Call us today at (985) 871-0810 for a free in-home estimate. For more interesting custom closet and storage solution ideas, please visit our photo gallery.