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3 Ways Louisiana Custom Closets Simplify Closets and Storage

Posted: Feb 27, 2013
Categories: Custom Closets
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Closets and storage spaces are crucial areas within any household.  Without simplicity and organization, a house or home office can quickly become a stressful and cluttered environment. Don’t let your only sanctuary be a source of anxiety.  Keeping things in order, and doing it in the style that best suits  personal and professional needs and wants just makes sense!

The skilled team at Louisiana Custom Closets can create a closet or storage space to fit your unique specifications and make you confident and in complete control of your tidiness. We offer several options in both Louisiana and Mississippi for customized storage spaces. Choose which style best suits your work, living, and storage spaces.

Custom Wooden Storage Solutions - These customized wooden closets are both beautiful and functional.  We can find a wood color to match any space, from light to dark.  You’ll find comfort and convenience in the new storage spaces without sacrificing aesthetics.

  • Floor or Wall Mount - Choose the look and function that suits your needs.
  • Folded vs. Hanging - Shelves for folded clothes or cubbies with bars to hang everything from dresses to t-shirts.
  • Drawers and Doors - In a closet or any other storage space, these add a look of sophistication to your storage.
  • Shoe Racks - flat or inclined, partitioned or open, we can give you the look and function you want to keep your shoes off the floor and organized!
  • Islands - This option can add an extra element of order to your storage area.  In a closet, an island makes a great folding table.

Wire Shelving - Wire shelving systems by Rubbermaid are an affordable and highly functional option for storage rooms and closets.  If you need to maximize your storage space without maximizing your spending, this option may be right for you!

  • Free slide Shelving - This revolutionary design makes sorting through your hanging items a breeze!
  • Tightmesh Shelving - The wires on these shelves are very close together, making storage of small items much easier; this is great for pantries or small storage areas.
FastTrack Hanging Storage - This hanging storage system is ideal for garages or workshops! With a huge range of options for mounting, you can find the proper mount to hang nearly any item from bicycles to tools, yard equipment and much, much more!

Don’t waste another minute digging through piles of disorganization, clothes or equipment looking for what you need right away.  Contact Louisiana Custom Closets today to start simplifying your life!