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5 Important Reasons for Closet Organization

Posted: Aug 6, 2014
Categories: Custom Closets
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Most homeowners across Southern Louisiana spend too much time in their closets looking for a favorite shirt or something to wear for work or school.  That’s because closets are often the most common areas of disorganization, filled with items that are not used or even wanted. Yet, there they hang for all to see. According to recent studies, most people wear only 20% of the clothes in their closet. Consumers need to remember that very important percentage when they assess storage areas and closet space. Is it time to get it organized?

Here in our part of Louisiana and nearby Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, we have four seasons during the year that require diverse looks and different types of clothing.  Long pants, shorts, tees, gloves, sweaters, suits and golf shirts are all part of the wardrobe found in our closets. These items can be organized efficiently by Louisiana Custom Closets. Once the closet areas are redesigned and simplified, they become effective, well-organized, and economical.

Consider these five important reasons for getting closets and storage areas organized:

  • Organization saves time: There should be easy and quick access for all items and clothing. Everything must be visible and within reach.
  • Clothes management saves money:  When everything is visible and accessible, it is more easily inventoried for use. Less clothes usually means less money spent by the consumer.
  • The storage areas and closets need more space: A small closet can be a problem and Louisiana Custom Closets can create storage stretching solutions that will add beneficial space.
  • The closets are too large: Big closets tend to be filled with an array of clutter, and a lot of clothing and accessory items that are never worn. Clean up the clutter with our customized strategy and keep only the items that are worn and loved.
  • Everything is simplified when closets are in order: Pants and slacks will be hanging side by side. Dresses will be all together, and all your sweaters will be stacked up by color. This organization will be invaluable for both work and leisure.

If the family is wearing the same shirt several times a week and no one can close your closet door, it is time to give us a call for a free in-home consultation. Our professional design experts can recommend storage solutions to make easier and storage neater. At Louisiana Custom Closets, we have the storing solutions to organize your closet.

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