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Take Control of Your Closet Storage with Solutions from Louisiana Custom Closets

Posted: Oct 8, 2014
Categories: Closet Systems
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As the cooler weather approaches here in Louisiana, it's time to switch from those summer clothes and bring winter clothes to the front of the closet. This is a time consuming task; yet it can be done more efficiently and less painfully with organization. Consolidating your closet with a system designed by Louisiana Custom Closets will make this semi-annual chore much more agreeable for everyone.

Take back control of your closet now. This is the best time of year to do it. Once the closets are redesigned and organized, headaches vanish and seasonal clothes are found more easily. Organization makes everything simple. In the long run, this is a real time saver and enhances the overall appearance of the closet.

At Louisiana Custom Closets, our design team will visit your home for a free consultation. We'll discuss what your storage solutions are and show design layouts that enhance the efficiency of every space. We offer different storage solutions that fit large, small, or odd-shaped closets. Drawers, shelving, shoe shelves, and pull-out trays are all storage answers that increase enclosed spaces.

Here are five design layouts that help maximize closet space:

  • Wire shelving adds a clean, bright look to any closet. It's great to keep the dust off shelves and for anyone suffering from allergies.
  • Wooden shelving adds an attractive, cozy look. We have different woods to choose from that are appealing and space saving.
  • Handmade shelves, drawers, and cabinets may be needed for an area that is odd-shaped. Our master craftsman can create the perfect custom made storage solution for these areas.
  • Double hanging systems will maximize storage space to visually find clothing items more easily.
  • Islandscreate more storage space while adding a spot to sort or fold your clothing.

If you live in the Baton Rouge, Covington, or the New Orleans area, give us a call or drop by one of our locations today. Louisiana Custom Closets strives to make your lifestyle more comfortable. Although we can't enlarge your closet, we can make use of every inch of space.

Remember to also call us for custom window treatments that will make any home even more beautiful!